Xray Test Case Management for Jira Now Integrates with Custom Charts.


Xray is a popular tool for tracking test case management, manual and automated software testing, and quality assurance in Jira, and it’s made by a Top Atlassian Vendor, Xpand IT.

Custom Charts now work directly with Xray custom fields such as “Requirements Status”, “Test Type”, and “Steps Count”.

Data from these fields can easily be displayed directly on Jira Dashboards or Confluence pages. Select colors, and orders so the reports are consistenly exactly how you and your team need them to be.

To chart by the “Requirements Status” of your test issues, simply select the field from the Chart By drop-down list.

Test Case Management Jira Reporting Chart

Selecting “Test Type” as the Chart By option breaks down the segments by the default test types of Manual, Cucumber and Generic. The Count has been selected as “Step Count” to show the total number of steps for those tests.

Jira automated testing cucumber reports

Use Chart ByCustom JQL to create complex queries for your data. For example, combine search terms to show issues with a “Requirement Status” of UNCOVERED and NOTRUN for the “Test Type” of Manual.

Testing in Jira Reports by Requirements Status

If you’d like to use Custom Charts to make your test reporting easy to customise, it’s available for evaluation on the Atlassian marketplace on Jira and Confluence; for Cloud, Server, and Data Center.

Alternatively, try before you install, on the Custom Charts for Jira app playground now.