The Data Storyteller with a Dragon Problem (Video)

There’s more to data storytelling than presenting a grid of numbers. Or an array of pretty pie charts.

Clue is in the name. Data storytelling.

In our first ever short story, we follow Willow Scoop, a wannabe data storyteller in a medieval world ravaged by dragons. The Dragon Control Center needs to improve its bolt thrower production by improving the way it looks at its data. Determined to help, Willow Scoop goes to the Big Data Mine for advice.

If you like Atlassian, Game of Thrones, dad jokes, and you want to know more about how to tell a compelling data story, you’ll like this.

We published the short story version last Thursday. If you’d rather listen and watch than read, here’s the video version!

Christopher is a self-confessed nerd who’d probably take the cake on Mastermind if Star Trek: Voyager was his specialist subject. He writes fiction about time travel, conspiracies and aliens; loves roller coasters, hiking and Christmas; and hates carpet, rom-coms and anything with chilli in it. He’s written extensively for technology companies and Atlassian partners and specializes in translating complicated technical concepts, specs and jargon into readable, benefits-driven copy that casual readers will understand.