Team ’22: What You All Want From Custom Charts For Jira (And What We’re Doing About It)

What do a rampant T-Rex, a tall man with a rainbow blazer, and Custom Charts for Jira all have in common? They were major hits at Atlassian Team ’22 for Old Street Solutions! Hopefully, you had a chance to stop by our booth and say hello; we loved seeing your faces in person. We received some awesome feedback from users around the features they’re hoping for in Custom Charts for Jira and we listened! Below is a list of the most common feature requests we got at Team ’22 and what we plan on doing about them.

Screenshot of Custom Charts Requested Features

Historical data

Creating Burndown Charts using Custom Charts for Jira is our most requested functionality by far, and y’all at Team 22 definitely agreed! We are looking to better support agile teams, and with the release of our Historical data support, creating these charts will finally be possible! You will be able to access Historical data in the “Chart by” and “Group by” dropdowns on charts.

Link to this feature on our Public Feature Roadmap: CC-434: Was In TO DO

Time in Status

We were asked a LOT about the capability to report on Time in Status in Custom Charts, and we absolutely plan on adding this functionality. In fact, it’s high on our backlog. This one, just like the Historical Data feature above, looks at an issue’s history to see what certain values were at certain times, e.g. how long an issue was in To Do before it transitioned to In Progress). We expect that these two features will be released pretty close to each other, since they’ve got so much in common!

Link to this feature on our Public Feature Roadmap: TRACC-118: Time in Status BACKLOG

Currently, Jira Cloud users can add Custom Charts Shared Dashboard gadgets to their dashboards.

Custom Charts Shared Dashboards allow you to share entire dashboards of your favorite charts and issue lists with external users via the Jira Service Management portal, or as a wallboard with internal users who have access to that dashboard.

These two sharing options are just the beginning, though. We are planning on adding public sharing options to Shared Dashboards, and we heard from users at Team 22 about the need to grant anonymous, non-licensed Jira users access to Shared Dashboards.

With the release of Public Links for Shared Dashboards, specific users will be able to create a public-facing link to your Custom Charts reports, which can be shared with non-licensed users. You can protect the link by adding an access code.

Link to this feature on our Public Feature Roadmap: TRACC-131: Shared Dashboard – Public Links BACKLOG

SLA reporting

A common request from Jira Service Management users was to be able to report on service-level agreements (SLAs) in Custom Charts for Jira. We have broken this out into two different features – the ability to calculate the SLA time elapsed/time remaining and the ability to Chart By/Group By SLAs.

With these two features, SLA reporting in Custom Charts will be better than ever. The best part is, these features are already being developed! Expect to see SLA support in Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence soon!

Links to these features on our Public Feature Roadmap:

Insight custom field support

We heard from so many of you about the need to display Insight Custom Field data, not just object IDs, on your charts. Reporting on Insight data in Jira is one of the big challenges facing teams that use the tool; the out of the box reports won’t integrate, and when you are able to integrate with it, the data can be messy.

We now fully support Insight custom fields in Custom Charts for Jira in Cloud! Server/DC are next. With this feature, you’ll be able to see object names and Issue List gadgets and macros directly in Custom Charts

Links to these features on our Public Feature Roadmap:

Something missing? Let us know!

If you’re interested in a new feature in Custom Charts for Jira, you can see if we’re working on it already by checking our Public Feature Roadmap. (Have we linked to this enough times yet? It’s not because we want you to read it with a nice, hot coffee or anything :wink:).

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our roadmap, submit a ticket to our support portal. Our backlog is driven by you, and we always welcome feedback on ways to make Custom Charts work for even more users.

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