Support SLA

This page describes our Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.

Response Times

Expect a response to support requests within 1 business day (24 hours).

Business Hours

Monday to Friday (except for major UK holidays) 9am – 5pm.


The following sources are monitored for requests in priority order.

  1. Support tickets created directly through our public Service Desk.
  2. Email to

Fixes and Improvements

Priority Process

Incoming triage and serious bugs take precedence over other requests. Requests are prioritized based on criteria including but not limited to:

  1. Importance to customer.
  2. Customer has valid maintenance SEN (Support entitlement number – purchase or evaluation).
  3. Availability of acceptable workarounds.
  4. Grouping with other related work. Backlog issues are reviewed for a planned add-on release and backlog issues with current activity take precedence.
  5. Scope and risk of change.