Structure by Tempo Users Can Visualize Their Data on Jira Dashboards

This integration is now available in Data Center and Cloud!

Structure for Jira is about reorganizing your Jira projects and issues into specific buckets of work, e.g. relating to a product, process, or overarching company initiative.

Once you’ve made your buckets, visualized in tree-like hierarchies on your Structure board, you’re going to want to report on them, so you can see how your teams are tracking towards the shared goals.

You might think that because Structure sits on top of Jira, you could report on the structures you build with Jira’s native capabilities. Sadly, Jira is quite limited when it comes to reporting on data from 3rd party apps, and none of the built-in reports and dashboard gadgets let you report on Structure.

Which is why…

We’ve brought Structure to Jira dashboards via Custom Charts

The inability to report on Structure data natively is the main reason Structure has integrated with Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence.

This integration means that you can make reports on the status and progress of your custom structures on a Jira dashboard. And for teams and managers who work in Confluence but not Jira, you can use the Confluence version of the app to build Structure reports on Confluence pages. Not only that but you can do way more with those reports than the native gadgets and macros allow. For example, change chart types, customize colors, make 2D reports, and show/hide/reorder data.

All you have to do is select your chosen structure as the Source of your chart and you could, if you wanted, make the lovely 2D stacked bar chart below. This structure has multiple teams working towards a shared goal. The chart pulls in data from all the sprints the teams are running to provide a multi-sprint burndown that tells managers how the teams are tracking towards the goal. The native Jira gadgets, on the other hand, only let you see burndowns of a one sprint at a time.

Or maybe you want to see how the work is distributed between assignees in your structure. The Custom Charts pie chart below shows a structure that has assignees from multiple teams working on a product, and we can see that the work isn’t very evenly distributed, prompting conversations about why.

If you want to start visualizing the status and progress of your Structure for Jira issue trees on Jira dashboards, try our fully integrated reporting apps, Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Jira Charts for Confluence, free for a month.

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