Sketch for Confluence Image Editing

Crop, Rotate, Annotate, and Edit Confluence Images

Cloud, Server & Data Center


“Sketch for Confluence Image Editing looks really great! Thanks for sharing.” – Rafał Zawadzki

Edit Images in Confluence

Crop & rotate images in Confluence, add lines, arrows, text, stickers, and shapes.
Just a few clicks with an intuitive and minimalistic interface.
Choose your colors. and choose your brushstrokes to make your Confluence images look just how you need them.
Perfect for sharing visual feedback, and keeping it all in Confluence to avoid siloes.

Highlight What’s Important

Whatever is important to your team,
keep your information and images updated live in real-time in Confluence.
Get non-technical departments sharing information on the same platform as your
development teams.

Visibility for all, no siloes, no downloads, just everyone working on one platform, with all your  images saved in one place, and updated in real time.

Version Control

Version control in Sketch means you can go back to whichever version you preferred.
Now you’re free to make mistakes, change your mind, and go back in time to the best version for you.

If two users edit an image concurrently in Confluence, both images will be saved as different versions, so nothing gets overwritten and no work gets lost!

OUR Customers

Sketch for Confluence

Accenture Confluence Sketch Pictionary USA Vs UK World Cup.

Accenture USA took on Accenture UK in an Atlassian Confluence: Sketch Image Editing Pictionary Battle. Hilarity ensued. Think you can draw a better lion? Try yourself on the playground:

Pictionary for Confluence World Cup Great Britain Vs Poland

Platinum Atlassian Partners Clearvision represented the United Kingdom, and took on Poland’s SoftwarePlant in the Atlassian Confluence Image Editing World Cup Championships

AppReview – Sketch for Confluence – Image Editing

I personally like image editing a lot but I never thought I can do image editing in Confluence as well. Sketch for Confluence – Image Editing app can let you annotate images on your Confluence page but it can also do some advanced editing as well. Let us take a look at this app today.

Confluence Pictionary World Cup Slovakia Vs The Nordics

To celebrate Sketch for Confluence being picked by Atlassian’s staff as a top app Slovakia’s Hotovo takes on The Nordic’s Mindville in a Pictionary Battle for Atlassian Confluence Drawing Supremacy.

Sketch for Confluence Image Editing, Cropping & Rotating Demo

Edit, crop, rotate, highlight and annotate images from directly within Atlassian Confluence with Sketch for Confluence image editing. Available for Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center!

Pictionary in Confluence with Sketch for Confluence Image Editing

We got four non-technical people who’d never used our apps before (three of whom had never used Confluence before) and played a game of Pictionary. No tutorial, no setup, no tech support, no fuss. Just fun!

Sketch for Confluence Image Editing for Server and Data Center

Sketch for Confluence Image Editing for Server and Data Center Try the playground and see how it works here:

Sketch for Confluence by Old Street Solutions and Hotovo

Quickly edit and annotate images from directly within Atlassian’s Confluence. Simply click the “Sketch” button at the top of a page to edit any image you want. No downloading, no third party apps required, no siloes, no fuss.


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