Sessions at Team ’22 We’re Excited About

Sessions we’re excited about at Team ’22

Now that Team ’22 is about to land, we’ve put together our ‘hit-list’ of sessions at Team’22 that the Old Street Solutions team are most looking forward to checking out, and why…

Taken from Team’22 Main Landing Page

Las Vegas is sure to be abuzz this coming April 5th, 6th, and 7th. What with the ‘who’s who’, top leaders and industry stalwarts all headed over to the flagship conference of the Atlassian Community, Team 22 is the place to be!

This year Team’22 is set to be rife with opportunities to connect, learn, and listen, and the great thing is, we’ll all be there in the flesh! Not behind a screen, like the last two.

The prospect of actually seeing each other’s faces is probably the biggest source of excitement for us all, but there are also some great sessions we can’t wait to check out.

And although our team has been crazy-busy getting ready for our own sessions and parties, they managed to take a bit of time out from the mayhem to offer feedback on the sessions they’re looking forward to the most.

As we dig deeper into what gets our team excited about the upcoming Vegas sessions, it might be a good segue into explaining the different types of tracks available at this year’s event.

In the words of our very own Andy (FunManAndy) Barker, the Atlassian Community guru himself, after chatting to Andy Gladstone (I know, right! So many Andy’s – haha) here is a quick take on how it all pans out:

Livestream: It’s a live event in Las Vegas that will be streamed in realtime to viewers that cannot be present.

Live in Las Vegas: It’s only Live in LV. No streaming to the outside. If you are not in the room, you won’t be able to access the content.

Digital Experience: These will be recorded as the sessions take place live in LV, and available to viewers at a later date. (DVR version of Team ’22).”

Now that we know what types of tracks we can expect, let’s take a closer look at which of these sessions are raising the excitement levels for our team.

Chris’ Picks

OSS CEO Chris Cooke

First up is our quick-witted CEO, Chris Cooke himself. He chose one ‘Live in Las Vegas’ sessions and one ‘Digital Experience’ session.

The first is a ‘Live in Las Vegas’ session called 6 pillars of a successful cloud migration, about Nationwide’s migration to Atlassian Cloud.

I worked with Will Davis at ‘Adaptavist’. Not only was he wicked smart, but he was patient enough not to make me feel bad about it. Having spoken to various digital transformation and agile consultants frustratedly working at banks, it’s incredibly impressive that Nationwide were able to move to the cloud. The fact this migration was successful is huge news for the Atlassian Community, so I’m really excited to learn more about how they did it, and use that information to help our biggest customers who are cloud hesitant.

Number 2 on Chris’ list of must-sees is a ‘Digital Experience’ pick called Manage thousands of Trello users with Trello Enterprise.

As a Platinum Vendor, we sometimes get given some advanced notice heads up about what Atlassian are bringing down the pipeline. This is my insider’s tip for the talk to watch. Trello has some big announcements to make that will be very important to the future of the ecosystem and its integrations.

Morgan’s Picks

OSS Product Manager, Morgan Folsom

Our next interviewee is our very own product manager, Morgan Folsom. A master in her own right, who excels at making extreme dev operations look easy.

When posed the same question, here is what Morgan had to say about her must-sees, all of which are ‘Live in Vegas’ sessions to enjoy.

I’m mostly excited about the Agile & DevOps and Teamwork Culture tracks. The following ones I think are most relevant as a product manager for an app in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Creating your teams’ perfect Jira with Forge

Embed intelligent test data to improve collaboration and app quality

Interpersonal alchemy: the magic behind high-performing teams

Move fast, don’t break things: Features releases with Work Management

Becky’s Picks

OSS Technical Writer, Becky Schwartz

Next up we chat to Becky Schwartz, Old Street Solutions’ technical writer extraordinaire. Becky advised that there are 5 sessions she is most keen on attending, all of which fall under the ‘Live in Vegas’ tracks.

Creating engaging Confluence pages

Since I’m building out documentation for Custom Charts in Confluence, this session will be helpful for me to enhance my pages and make them more engaging for our customers.

The collaboration games: unlock your team’s potential

”This Confluence session on macros should help with collaboration and better usage of Confluence pages. I’m hoping to learn a bit more about how to use existing macros in out of box ways to make content more engaging and accessible to customers.”

Work differently, together: A new vision for Work Management

I’m curious to learn more about work management projects and features since they’re a way to engage non-technical teams with the tools.

Leveling up your ITSM strategy

My favorite Jira projects I’ve worked on with clients have been related to ITSM and using JSM, Opsgenie, automation, and reporting, to support and enhance the user experience.

Goodbye onboarding obstacles, hello automation: a Jira Align & Jira Software story

Jira Align is a beast – any sessions around this I’m very interested in attending.

Teodora’s Picks

OSS Marketing Manager, Teodora Vasileva

Finally, we have the extremely talented Teodora Vasileva, our marketing manager. Here are her top six, a mix of ‘Live in Vegas’ and ‘Digital Experience’ sessions.

Bringing people, processes and tools together for true transformational success

I’m always passionate about digital transformation and the best ways of handling people, processes and tools.”

You can also read more about Teodora’s personal take on this topic.

Get the right Confluence documents to the right people, anytime, anywhere

”Here at Old Street, we are working hard at empowering people to share content in Jira and Confluence. That’s why such discussions do not go unnoticed; and I am very interested in hearing more about the ways ‘Comalatech’ managed to succeed in the field”.

10 ways to transform your organization with Confluence

Best practices for Confluence presented by k15t.”

Creating engaging Confluence pages

As much as I try to shape my Confluence pages in the most user-friendly way, I would love to hear more advice on engaging people and making them read more.

Hiring for values and work culture through documentation

I fully agree with interviews being a trap nowadays, and I am interested in how ‘Launchable’ use Confluence in their hiring process.”

The collaboration games: unlock your team’s potential

Another k15t session focused on team collaboration in Confluence. With Confluence being my go-to tool for almost any aspect of life, I’m always interested in new ways of establishing a good collaboration flow. Often it is very hard to keep everyone on the same page. Some team members may struggle using Confluence or prefer other collaboration tools for their specific usage case.
By using the proper Confluence structure, templates and macros, we can quickly resolve most of the challenges. With k15t’s eye for detail, I’m sure they’ll provide valuable information on how to manage your space and make it nice and cosy to use.

You can read more about Teodora’s thoughts on this topic in her in-depth article where she unpacks it even further. Read it here.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we’ve uncovered (and discovered) some great tracks to check out at Team ‘22, you’ll be pleased to hear that Old Street Solutions is all about rocking out at Las Vegas too this year.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas Team ’22, be sure to stop by Booth 46. You’ll find at least one of the Old Street Solution team members there, keen to connect and share their knowledge of the ecosystem. Keen to learn more about External Share or Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence? You’ll be able to have all your questions answered, in real-time, when you stop on by!

And for a bit of extra sauce. Have you heard about the epic After-Party that Old Street Solutions and META-INF are throwing on April 5th?

TEAMS ROCK will be held Inside the Venetian at Rockhouse, at The Grand Canal Shoppe.
Doors open at 7h30 pm until late! Come rock with us!

OldStreetSolutions & MetaINF present the Best After Party of Team’22

Not only will we be rocking it with the ‘killer no filler’ sessions, informing partners and Jira and Confluence customers alike about the latest, greatest and best from the Old Street Solutions’ lab, but we’re also there to show just how its done when it comes to letting our hair down, getting footloose and fancy-free…

See you there!