• Krzysztof Bogdan

Using SaaS? Get yourself competitive advantage


If you need help with software that you are using - first try to contact the company in-person or video call.

Long story:

Have you ever received follow-up email after using a software product?

As a co-founder and programmer of SaaS tool that is gaining more and more traction I am involved in client meetings.

We also do send those emails. We invite our customers to have a video call.

There are few responses now and then. Mostly from mid/big sized companies.

We often ask for feedback, we get some.

We also use different channels to handle feedback, web portal or email.

How do you think which requests get higher priority? From another unknown email address or somebody you talked to or met earlier?

As much I would like to be objective on prioritizing requests, I am just a human and I fail sometime in this.

I guess, bigger the company is then it will be harder to reach the appropriate person. But it won't hurt to try.


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