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External Share for Confluence and Jira.

Updated: Feb 22

A Deep Dive on the Latest Options for Expanding your Collaboration with Jira and Confluence.

Allow your teams to share Jira issues or Confluence pages with secure external links. These link can be password protected if needed, giving external users access to view the shared issues or pages even if they don’t have an Atlassian account.

The External Share Team has been working on a lot of new features, and integrations with other apps in the Atlassian Marketplace making collaborating externally easier than ever.

Can External Users View Comments on Confluence Pages?

With External Share for Confluence, you can allow external users to view comments on your Confluence pages, as easily as you can now share Confluence pages.

Allow External Users to Add Comments

If you give them permission, External users can also add comments to your Confluence pages.

This way you can gather feedback directly in Confluence.

If you are a watcher of a page, you will be notified about any new comments created by External Users with External Share.

This is how the comments section looks like for an External Share page:

Externally Sharing Jira Issues (Jira Server & Jira Data Center)

For Jira on Premise, Externally visible comments can be restricted to the comments made by specific roles or user groups:

In this scenario, External Share for Jira will show only the non-restricted comments on Externally shared issues.

External User Comments for Jira and Confluence Cloud

In Jira, comments are added anonymously by the user 'External Share for Jira' or in Confluence as 'External Share for Confluence'. Users names and emails are shown inside the content of the comment.

Usually add-on users' don’t have avatar icons, but we asked Atlassian if they could set up a special icon for us, and they agreed!

Comments for Jira and Confluence Server and Data Center

In the on-premise version, there is no 'addon user'. We decided to create comments as anonymous users. Users' names and emails are inside the comment’s content.

Sharing Jira Service Management with External Users

Things are a little bit different for Jira Service Management.

In Jira Service Management when sharing the ability for external users to "View comments" you have two options. Toggle on the option to "View public comments" or "View internal comments":

These directly map to Jira Service Management’s "Internal note" or "Reply to customer"

  • View public comments -> Reply to customer

  • View internal comments -> Internal note

Jira Service Management comment section

Allowing External Users to Comment on Jira Service Management.

On Jira Service Management we will have 2 options:

  • "Add public comments" which maps to "Reply to customer"

  • "Add internal comments" which maps to "Internal note"

Therefore external users can add public and internal comments.

Sharing Attachments with External Users.

First, let's see how you can share Confluence or Jira attachments using External Share:

Giving External users the option to see attachments (highlighted) makes sharing attachments very straightforward.

Jira and Confluence do have the capability to embed attachments in the description.

Images added to content automatically become attachments.

External Share will always display embedded files (images, pdf, etc) in the description. Even if 'View attachments' is turned off.

This means the option to toggle 'View attachments' only refers to the attachments section of Jira or Confluence.

Attachments on Jira issue pages

Jira Attachment Download Limits:

We work to ensure we can handle a lot of data passing through our systems.

Our system can handle files with a size of up to 8000 MB and the connection can last up to 48 hours, so you have 48 hours to download the file.

If you decide to share a direct link to a file. You should know that for security reasons, download links expire after 12 hours.

Please note that as per our Security FAQ, only the people you have given access to, will be able to access your attachments (and as such, we won't have access).

The links structure will look like this


Live Search in External Share for Confluence and Jira

We received plenty of requests for the ability to Search Externally shared Jira issues and Confluence pages.

If you haven’t already noticed the feature published on External Share for Jira and Confluence, you can check it out on our test page:


This will perform a search on the page and all child pages.

The Search button will take you to a dedicated page:


So you can share a link to this page, to highlight the important information.

Some known limitations:

  1. You can't search in other spaces. For security reasons you can search only in the current page and its child pages.

  2. The "Restrict to label" option is not used, but we do have plans to support it.

  3. You can't search comments nor attachments. It seems for now, Confluence will not provide access to this API.

If you want to try or know more about External Share and its new features, check out our app in the marketplace, for Jira and Confluence. You can also read more about Sharing Jira and Confluence with External Users here.

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