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Deep dive | External Share | View comments

With External Share for Confluence and External Share for Jira

you can decide whatever to show comments on shared page or issue:

External Share config form with view comments highlighted

Jira Service Desk

Things are a little big different in Jira Service Desk.

In Jira Service Desk "View comments" is called "View public comments",

and additionally there is option to enable "View internal comments":

External Share config form for JSD issue

They are directly mapping to Jira Service Desk "Internal note" and "Reply to customer"

  • View public comments -> Reply to customer

  • View internal comments -> Internal note

Jira Service desk comment section

Jira Server & Data Center

On Jira Server comments can be restricted to role or group:

Jira Server comment section with restriction select

In this scenario External Share for Jira on server shows only comments on External Page that are not restricted.

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