• Krzysztof Bogdan

Deep dive | External Share | View attachments

First, let's see how you can share Confluence or Jira attachments using External Share:

External Share config form with show attachments option highlighted


Jira and Confluence do have capability to embed attachments in description.

Images added to content automatically becomes attachments.

External Share always display embedded files (images, pdf, etc) in description. Even if 'View attachments' is turned off.

That mean 'View attachments' only refers to Jira or Confluence attachment section.

Attachments on Jira issue page

Jira attachments on External Share page

Download limits:

We worked of ensuring we can handle a lot of data passing thru our systems.

Our system can handle files with size up to 8000 MB and connection can last up 48 hours.

You have 48 hours to download file.

If you decided to share direct link to file. You should know that

for security reason download links have 12 hours expiration time,

they look like this:


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