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Deep dive | External Share | Add comments

With External Share for Confluence and External Share for Jira

you can allow external user to add comments to your Jira issue or Confluence page:

This way you can gather feedback directly in Jira or Confluence.

If you are watcher of issue or page then you will be notified about new comment created with External Share.

This is how comment section looks on External Share page:

This is how it will look like in Jira:

Comments in Cloud version

In Jira comment will be added as 'External Share for Jira' user and in Confluence as 'External Share for Confluence'.

Those are special users that represent plugin. Usually 'plugin users' do not have avatar icon, but we asked Atlassian if they could setup icon for us, and they agree!

Comments in Server version

In server version there is no 'plugin user'. We decided to create comments as anonymous user. Name and email will be inside comment content as it is in cloud version.

Jira Service Desk

On Jira Service desk we will have 2 options:

  • "Add public comments" which maps to "Reply to customer"

  • "Add internal comments" which maps to "Internal note"

therefore external user can add public and internal comment.

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