Our Solution Partners

Our Solution Partners

Our solution partners sell Old Street’s apps to their customers and in return we sell their services. Together we accelerate each other’s business by finding our joint customers the right solution for their needs.


As the leader in business agility transformation, Accenture | SolutionsIQ is uniquely positioned to provide advisory services to customers on Atlassian’s wide range of agile tools and services. They partner directly with Atlassian plugin vendors to help teams get the best out of the Atlassian ecosystem.

ALM Base

Experts in Project Management, Agile Software Development, ITSM and DevOps. Our team of certified professionals has extensive experience for enterprise process implementation, customized solutions, integrations, plugin development and training for Atlassian and affiliate vendors.

Alpha Serve

We at Alpha Serve create Enterprise-grade apps for Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools and for Shopify stores with proven scalability, performance and high-level data security. Our applications help companies and users increase the authentication security level, benefit from BI connectors and easy data exports, and to improve effectiveness with convenient integrations.



An Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner since 2006, Ambientia are experts in business design and technology, service management, and collaborative solutions. With 30 Atlassian experts located in Finland and Estonia, they help clients build long-standing capabilities for the digital future.


Area9 caters for all your Jira and Confluence needs, from onboarding and scoping to add-on selection, repair and tuning, restructuring, consulting, and licensing. With 11 years+ experience working with Atlassian products, they help organizations of all sizes realize the potential of process automation.

Artigiano Del Software

Artigiano Del Software

Fabio Genovese of Artigiano del Software is what he calls a ‘software craftsman’, in that he knows how to use the materials available to create something useful. In his case, he has created a website dedicated to explaining the benefits of Atlassian’s products for an Italian audience.


bit2bit Americas are dedicated to solving the needs of their customers through consulting and technological solutions based on business agility, ITSM, and DevSecOps. Founded in 2011 in Peru, they now have offices in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States, with customers in 27 countries.



Assisting clients with the deployment of software development tools, service desks, and other business-critical solutions, on strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Apps providing insights into customer and employee satisfaction, improving engagement and decision-making.


CoreSoft Labs aim to make work environments more friendly, functional, and efficient. Their apps help with managing complex SLAs; collecting, discussing, and rating ideas; creating reusable scripts and templates for workflow behaviors; enhancing data security and privacy; and more.

Coyote Creek

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Coyote Creek provide IT and engineering services, managed services, and Atlassian licensing and consultancy. Clients turn to them when they need trusted outside help on a project, or peace of mind that their environment is being monitored 24/7.



An Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner and Marketplace Gold Partner. They offer consulting, licensing, and apps to help customers scale agile methodologies and migrate to the cloud. Their top app, Projectrak, facilitates the storage and display of project-specific information in Jira, improving project control.


Design Industries

Design Industries (DI) are your Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Partners.

We’re a high-performance team ready to set you up on the fast track to success, whether you’re new to Atlassian or want a better ROI on your existing toolset.

DevOps Action

DevOps Action are top-tier Atlassian Experts with many years of consulting experience, and strong backgrounds in Agile Software Development, DevSecOps, ITSM, ALM, CRM, Cloud, SaaS, and more. DevOps Action is nimble and highly efficient, which allows clients to achieve desired outcomes at competitive rates.



Deviniti offers high-performance solutions to guide businesses through their digital transformation. An Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner and Platinum Marketplace Partner, Deviniti has optimized the business processes of such giants as Ferrari, Warner Bros, Apple, and NASA.


An Atlassian Platinum Solution partner with global offices in Shanghai China, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong. Providing ALM, DevOps solutions worldwide.


Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps and Agile movement and building the future of software development across seven countries.

They offer the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform, a managed service with over 40 preferred tools including Atlassian, Jenkins, and Kubernetes.


Supporting clients’ business by building and implementing IT solutions that accelerate their business. Our team consists of architects, developers, analysts, consultants, testers and Atlassian experts, that bring knowledge and experience in applying the best standards in methodologies and tools for implementing IT projects.

Fine Software

Makers of the game-changing Jira app JXL, is an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, founded by Atlassian alumni and backed by Atlassian Ventures. The team’s passion is to craft beautiful software that really helps you get your job done. JXL combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets, resulting in the ultimate issue editor and organizer.


A DevOps and Agile consulting, services and software development subsidiary of Veristor Systems Inc. Named Atlassian Partner of the Year in 2020 for services, they specialize in bringing IT tools and people together, improving collaboration, streamlining development, and reducing time to revenue.



Established in Hong Kong in 2007, Integrated Global Solutions Limited (IGS) help customers digitally transform and eliminate data silos. They focus on IT Service Management (ITSM), infrastructure management solutions, application development, data analytics, big data solutions, and open-source technologies.


As an Atlassian Platinum Partner and Gold Marketplace vendor, Infosysta Apps strives to spread the word on Agile methodology. Intent on extending Jira and Jira Service Management’s functionalities, the apps transform every client’s workflow and boost their efficiency.


K15t’s apps extend the functionality of Atlassian’s product suite and amplify the Atlassian experience. Their Scroll apps help teams modernize how they author and manage content and documentation, while Backbone Issue Sync for Jira enables project collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries.


Kreuzwerker is a leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise with HQ in Berlin that provides genuine consulting, abundant expertise, and true craftsmanship. Specialized in PPM, Agile, Cloud migrations, Digitization of business processes, business agility, ITSM/ESM, and SW-development.


An Atlassian cloud services provider that specializes in technically complex integrations and customers with high information security demands. They have proven know-how in the areas of project management (lean/agile and classic), security, compliance, risk management, requirements engineering & software architecture.



M20 Technology helps companies collaborate more effectively through customized software development, training, and support. They combine their expertise in quality software with years of industry experience to assist companies in creating technology platforms that foster a collaborative culture.



Methoda is an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner that specializes in integrating technology with methodology and striking the appropriate balance between the two. They promote the use of IT tools in the context of Agile, DevOps, LeSS, and Lean, as well as more traditional methodologies.

Modus Create

Modus Create builds products, processes, and platforms to help firms succeed in the digital economy. As a Platinum Enterprise and cloud specialized partner with Atlassian, we help teams deploy agile practices at scale, harness the benefits of the cloud, and reinvent enterprise ITSM.

On Point Ltd

On Point Ltd is an international software company, having offices in Czechia, Malta, Ghana and Malaysia, focusing on innovative business software solutions. Partners with tech giants, such as Microsoft and Atlassian. Providing solutions, tailored to unleashing teams’ full potential in any industry or business size.



Praecipio Consulting is an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner that helps organizations digitally transform by leveraging Atlassian’s powerful products and process optimization. They’ve been an Atlassian partner since 2008 and recognized as Partner of the Year for five consecutive years.



ReleaseTEAM is a veteran-owned DevOps consulting firm offering the best solutions in the industry, backed by 20 years of expertise. They help clients in both public and commercial sectors adapt and mature their software development lifecycle methodology with solutions tailored to their objectives and culture.

RenWare, Inc

RenWare offer best-in-class digital transformation services to Atlassian customers, including zero-disruption cloud migration and an enterprise solution designed to help businesses achieve a single source of truth. They also sell apps that automatically clean up messy instances, called Instance Auditor for Jira and Confluence.

Rivet Group

We are ordinary. We work in this fast-paced world, valuing respect, loyalty, diligence and professionalism. We are good because we focus on original, creative, solutions – such as JIRA Concierge service or tech support available directly in Poland and remotely worldwide. We are good because we create, implement and help in the most optimal solutions.

Seibert Media

According to the ‘Chief Troublemaker’, software-driven team collaboration is what Siebert Media stand for, what they are best at, and what they offer customers. The aim of their 185 talented people across Germany and the USA is to develop and distribute software that improves teamwork the way it’s done for them.



Snapbytes is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that uses expertise in ITSM, DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, and agile methodologies to help customers modernize their software development lifecycles. Over 3,500 companies are currently using Snapbytes apps to manage and improve their business processes.



Spartez Software is an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner that helps teams work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Their apps include Agile Poker for Jira, for estimating backlogs ready for grooming; Whiteboards for Jira, for planning and brainstorming; and TFS4Jira, for integrating Jira with Azure.

Spectrum Groupe

Spectrum Groupe specialize in knowledge and tools that enable organizations to digitally transform, both at a technological and cultural level. More than 5,000 customers around the world use their Marketplace add-ons for Confluence and Jira, such as Spectrum Formatting Macros and Glossary.



Optimally networked in Switzerland, Swarmit is your Platinum Partner. Thanks to their project experience and partnerships, they are experts in team collaboration, agile software development, DevOps, (multi-)project management, SAFe®, SCRUM, Kanban as well as test & knowledge management up to Ops & ITSM.

Togetha Group

Togetha Group are Atlassian Solution and Authorised Training Partners, we primarily work with government and enterprises, but enjoy working with nimble businesses too.

We help teams of all sizes work better together by creating custom solutions using Atlassian ecosystem products.



TMC ALM is one of Benelux’s biggest Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partners. They support organizations and teams with implementation, services, training, configuration, migration, licensing, and all forms of support for the Atlassian product suite, along with over 2000 Atlassian Marketplace add-ons.



Troopr makes Jira faster and a delight to use by bringing the power of Jira to Slack. Their Jira-Slack integration uses automation and contextual micro-interactions to enable users to create and manage Jira tickets, run asynchronous check-in meetings, and build charts and reports for Jira, directly in Slack.



Trundl is an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner made up of a diverse group of Atlassian-certified engineers, back-end developers, solution architects, project managers, and scrum masters. Their focus is on empowering development & business teams to discover what’s possible within the Atlassian ecosystem.



yasoon aims to build a digital working environment with zero disruption. They create award-winning apps that combine and integrate existing software in clever ways, their focus in the past ten years on creating seamless connections between Atlassian’s product suite and Microsoft 365.