Meet the Team

Meet the TEam!

Chris Cooke


“An ego-free culture stops mistakes from becoming failures.”

Although Big Chris was always pretty good at rugby (being in his words “f***ing massive”) he was much more comfortable hanging out with computers than jocks. After growing up watching his dad work far too hard, he decided he wanted to have his own business and do things differently.

Teodora Vasileva

Marketing Manager

“Become friends with failure and you’re already a step ahead.”

Teodora Vasileva is a Confluence junkie, using it to manage both work and life. She loves hiking in the mountains of Bulgaria and dreams of waking up and finding a Welsh Corgi puppy on her bed seeking cuddles.

Jacek Debiec

Co-Founder & Sales Director

“No one cares about your sales pitch if you can’t solve their problem.”

Jacek Debiec is one of those entrepreneurial types who tends to see rules and limitations the way a bull sees a red cape. Determined to have his own business since he could say ‘business’, Jacek started an airport pickup service at university and later a coffee company importing coffee from Vietnam to Poland. This was in between working for Google, Clearvision, and the gaming industry.

Jamale Harris

Head of Partnerships

“Don’t get stuck on one page if you know there are more chapters ahead.”

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jamale Harris started out as a business account manager for AT&T and worked with some impressive names he now likes to drop regularly: Viacom, HBO, Thomson & Reuters, New York Yankees, Bank of America, etc.

Christopher Berry

Head of Content

“People don’t care if software has great ‘this’ or brilliant ‘that’, but what this and that can do for them.”

Christopher Berry started out in the courtroom, badgering witnesses and shouting “Objection!”. Eventually he decided to turn his back on the law (as in, leave the legal profession, not become a gun-slinging vigilante) and take up copywriting.

Morgan Folsom

Product Manager

“I beg of you, please stop asking me for a quote for the website.”

Having spent eons working with Atlassian tools that can be an absolute pain in the butt to use and support, discovering Custom Charts for Jira made Morgan Folsom do a happy dance.

Andy Barker

Atlassian Experience Architect

“Knowledge is power; sharing knowledge is powerful.”

Born in the greatest UK city with the worst airport, Luton, Andy Barker spent his early years playing waterpolo, dabbling in photography, and singing in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

Becky schwartz

Head of User Education

“If you want to be inspired, surround yourself with inspiring people.”

Becky studied elementary education in college, before pivoting to the tech sector after graduation. These combined experiences made her passionate about teaching technical concepts in a relatable, understandable way for all types of humans.

Zak Harper

Performance Marketing and CMS Manager

“Two approaches to obstacles…… fix them or jump over them!”

Eve Supitcha


“Be tough, be ambitious, know exactly what you want, and be it.”

Eve Cooke is from Bangkok, Thailand, but her work as a fashion designer for girlswear took her around Canada, China, and eventually to Milan.

When she saw how hard Chris Cooke was struggling to be an entrepreneur in Thailand, she told him to go back to England, which turned out to be pretty good advice. She even married him and went with him, just to make sure. Despite living in cities her whole life, she’s starting to enjoy the countryside and loves cooking (but not as much as she loves eating).

At Old Street she helps with accounting and graphic design odd jobs, a combo which HMRC are still trying to find a classification for. She’s currently a full-time DJ to a monster who requests Baby Shark on repeat at all hours.


If there’s anything we can help with, we’d love to hear from you.