Make Time Tracking Reports with Timesheets by Tempo on Jira Dashboards

Time tracking is great, but it can’t tell you where your organization’s time and money are going without a key ingredient: strong reporting.

With Timesheets by Tempo, users can generate extensive and detailed reports about logged time. However, if you want quick answers or you want to convey a quick message about time spent to your teams, you need data visualization.

And this is why Timesheets has fully integrated with the fastest-growing data visualization app on the Atlassian Marketplace, Custom Charts for Jira & Confluence.

Time tracking + data visualization = faster decisions

Now, Timesheets users can pull all the data they’re already tracking onto their Jira dashboards and Confluence pages, and experiment with endless visual possibilities to craft the perfect time tracking report. Change chart type, customize colors, add labels and descriptions, show/hide and reorder data, and loads more.

You can make charts that show:

  • How much time each assignee is spending on each customer account
  • Time spent per issue type or component, e.g. see how much time you’re spending on bugs if you’re a dev team, blogs if you’re a marketing team, and meetings if you’re any team!
  • Estimated/planned time versus actual time spent
  • Time spent on initiatives and any other hierarchical level above an epic if you have Advanced Roadmaps for Jira

This 2D stacked bar chart offers a great insight into the distribution of work across customer accounts.

This pie chart tells us if our team is meeting expectations – looks like they’re doing pretty well!

In general, the Custom Charts/Timesheets integration enables you to craft highly visual and engaging overviews of your time tracking data, offering at-a-glance insights that spur faster decisions.

If you want to start building awesome visuals out of your Timesheets data, try our fully integrated reporting apps, Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Jira Charts for Confluence, free for a month.

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