Live Input Macros for Confluence

Add checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown lists to your Confluence for live editing.

Add checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists and more to your Confluence pages. Make changes without editing the page.


These macros can be used to create forms, task lists, choices or just reminders on the page.

Add the useful features you need to Confluence Macros Add-On

Easily add and edit options within Confluence

Quickly update options by adding them to Confluence macros on the edit screen.

Make text boxes immediately editable on Confluence pages without having to click edit page. This is really useful for making and editing template documents in Confluence. 


Pick dates to Input immediately.
Create dynamic tables

Feedback comments provides a simple mechanism to obtain Live feedback from readers of the Confluence content, either private or public sites.


This allows for logged in users or even anonymous users to provide feedback to the authors, similar to the Atlassian "Leave Feedback" functionality in their online help pages.


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We're a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to demystifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical users.


We've made features for Confluence Macros, so now it is easy to edit a Confluence Text Box, or a dropdown list in Confluence live, without editing a page.


If you want to transform your Confluence Pages with easy to input text,  easy to set up forms, and live input text macros that everyone can use:

Try Live Input Macros for Confluence.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for. 


Our mission is to make easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with a great UX for everyone.

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