Jira Reporting in Confluence

Custom Jira Reports Dashboard

Custom Jira Reporting for Confluence and Jira.


There are many options for reporting and charting of Jira issues in Confluence, depending on your needs. Before you begin, you may want to read our guide to making Jira Reports in Confluence.

Jira has many reporting options out-of-the-box as standard, and combined with Confluence, means its possible and easy to make clear data visualizations, so that the whole team can get an update at a glance with regards to what's happening on various projects.

When stakeholders are able to share information in real-time reporting in Jira, or Confluence Reports, then decisions are made with better metrics.

Sum up Jira Issues summarised by issue count, story points, or time. Use Custom JQL and calculated fields to build reports your team needs, in an app so easy to use, everyone will be making their own reports.

Custom Jira Reports and Charts for Confluence Pages

Reporting in Jira Options

Whether you want a Jira Bar Chart, Confluence Pie Charts, or a Custom Report using JQL, there are many options to consider for best practice data visualization using the Atlassian tools. Before going for advanced ELT Data Platforms, consider the technical proficiency of your team. Although each team may have a preferred tool, ideal for their needs and preferences, beware of the danger of data siloes. If everyone is using a different single source of truth platform, you're not going to get good value out of them. It's recommended to first see what is possibly native to a platform, you're already using, before installing software and exporting data externally that will require yet another browser tab to open.

Jira and Confluence are used for a lot of day to day tasks by most teams, and as such have a lot of vitally important data already in them. Very often, it's entirely possible to display the data in a useful way within the tool, but people export it to a dashboard they're more familiar with. Consider whether your reporting in Jira will benefit most from training, the right add-on, a full-time data wizard on call, or a simpler set up with an easy UX so that everyone is able to make reports with the tools they're already using.

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