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Create easy-to-build Jira reports and dashboards

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Customize your
Jira Reports

A consistent display makes at a glance data visualization with Jira reports easy. Want your RAG status charts to actually be red, amber, and green? Choose the colors you need for every segment of your Jira reports.
Reorder your reports however, makes sense to you. Merge and hide segments with a simple click and drag interface to make the charts you need.
Whether you’re keeping on brand or supporting your colorblind teammate, everyone can now easily make great looking Jira Reports with a few simple clicks (no coding, nor training required).

Powerful Jira Dashboard Gadgets

Use saved filters, standard or advanced custom Jira Query Language (JQL), or the simple click and drag interface to make the charts you need.

Custom Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts​ and 2-Dimensional Stacked and Grouped Charts work with all the standard and custom fields in your Jira (including Status, Priority, and Assignee).

Chart by Issues, Story Points, and Time Estimated, Remaining or Spent, as well as any calculated scripted number fields.

Real-Time Jira Visualization

Get immediate updates with real-time data reporting on Jira Dashboards or Confluence Pages.

Avoid exporting data to third-party servers, and avoid another silo by letting everyone work and share real-time updates in the tools they’re already working in.

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Reports is powerful and easy enough for everyone to want to use. Make Jira the reporting dashboard for every team.

Jira Reporting Dashboards

We’ve written many best-practice tips in our Jira Reporting Guide Blog

Simply add the “Custom Charts” gadget or macro to your Jira dashboard or Confluence page to get started.

Create customizable pie charts, bar charts, line charts & more on Jira dashboards or Confluence pages. Customize the look and feel of your charts to create consistent, branded and reliable reports.

Select your data source using the projects selector, saved filters picker, advanced (JQL) input or Custom Charts Simple Search.

Then you’re ready to customize your colors, labels, segment ordering, and more!

We’re a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to simplifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical teams.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for. 

Our mission is to make easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with a great UX

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“Great support and truly amazing product which made Jira dashboard useable! Highly recommended”

Kyle Roberts-York

Very easy to use, give a much better view to management and teams.
Great support, listening to customers, give fast feedback and improve the product all the time

Itay Amsallem

Sets the standard for usability and intuitiveness in this type of add-on… and our managers absolutely love the insights we’re able to quickly & easily provide. Support is phenomenal.

Jeff Patterson

Brilliant app, our team loves these charts and they are straightforward to setup and enough customisation to make it your own. They even got a feature I requested implemented! Atlassian needs to look at this team and acquire them! Both great technical and customer support!

Jerome Jr Villalon

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