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Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Reporting

Easy-to-build charts for your Jira data. Create beautiful custom Jira reports and dashboards

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"Finally a chart component that can pull queries directly from Jira. The component provides features not possible in native Confluence, so that's a big advantage. This add-on makes it far simpler and way less awkward, and the interface is extremely well built and easy to use. I highly recommend this add-on for every Confluence instance!"

Larkin Young

"This is a big improvement to the native charts in Jira. It's intuitive to use, and the charts are clean and easy to read. We've been relying on the REST API to create separate spreadsheets for reporting, and this lets us do the same thing automatically in Jira itself. The support team has also been fantastic - responsive to feedback and proactive in reaching out for suggestions."

 Susan Ostreicher

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