The Quick and Easy Jira Reporting Cookbook (White Paper Extract)

Picture of wooden spoon with salt from cover of Jira Reporting Cookbook

Jira reporting is versatile, and can be as technically challenging as cooking a seven-course gourmet dinner. That’s great if it’s what you’re after, but sometimes all you want is a grilled cheese sandwich. With this cookbook, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before you start, and have the right tools and knowledge to whip up whatever takes your fancy!

You can’t make a great cake with too few ingredients. But too many ingredients is a recipe for disaster too. Adopting super-powerful big data business intelligence platforms may give your company the most comprehensive reporting options. But they come packed with capabilities you probably don’t need, and are so complex that most users won’t have a clue where to start.

It means that overwhelmed Jira newbies and business users may avoid custom reporting altogether, sticking to the native capabilities and never really creating the reports they want to (i.e. the ones that’ll really make a difference to their team’s performance). The knock-on effect? A shortage of knowledge, leading to a loss of agile-shaped value. One of the core principles of the Agile Manifesto is that the team should regularly reflect on how to become more effective, before adjusting its behavior accordingly. Can’t do that without clear reports, can you?

An equally problematic alternative is that organizations hire a full-time dedicated expert to code its most complicated, fancy-schmancy reports. This creates a ‘reporting overlord’ in the organization — someone who hoards all the knowledge, visibility, and control of the company’s data. Not only does this lead to knowledge and time bottlenecks in day-to-day working, it’s also more expensive (because the programming expertise needs to be paid for) and higher risk (because the expert could leave, plunging you into a reporting blackout).

None of that’s good, frankly, which is why we’ve created this cookbook. Inside, you’ll find quick and easy recipes for a whole bunch of delectable Jira reporting concoctions to improve team efficiency and productivity.

For slightly more experienced Jira chefs, there’s a recipe for a more targeted dashboard infused with Jira Query Language (JQL) flavors. For Jira masterchefs, there’s a recipe for an advanced-level business intelligence dashboard that will make your Jira snap, crackle, and pop.

Now let’s get on with making Jira delicious for all!

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