How to Use Jira for Waterfall and Hybrid Projects (White Paper)

Planning to use Jira for waterfall or hybrid projects but not sure if it’s the right tool or how to use it best? Then this white paper is for you.

People in the Atlassian Community have been asking if you can use Jira for traditional waterfall projects and hybrid agile/waterfall projects. So we’ve put together this white paper to explain that yes, you can, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

In this white paper we’ll explore the best ways of approaching waterfall and hybrid projects in Jira. We’ll look at why waterfall remains popular and what hybrid project management actually is (because many teams do it wrong). And then we’ll home in on three ways of doing waterfall and hybrid in Jira, using:

  • Native Jira
  • Advanced Roadmaps
  • BigGantt by SoftwarePlant