Old Street Solutions is the Fastest Growing Atlassian Marketplace Partner of 2020

Atlassian Marketplace Fastest Growth in Cloud Partner of the Year 2020

Old Street Solutions has won the award for Fastest Cloud Marketplace App Growth in the 2020 Atlassian Partner Awards. 

Our flagship app, Custom Charts for Jira, grew from just 17 instances in 2019 to 2,072 instances in 2021, with growth tripling in the last six months alone. There are now over 400,000 people and counting using Custom Charts for Jira to build their reports. So please excuse us while we take a bow. And break open a bottle. And eat cake.

Custom Charts for Jira was not the first app we developed (that was Sketch for Confluence), but it’s quickly become the most popular. It enables support/service technicians, team leaders, project managers and other business users to create reports and dashboards that are clearer, more dynamic and more visual than Jira out-of-the-box. No coding or training required. 

Old Street Solutions Award Fastest Growing Cloud Partner 2020

Our CEO, Chris Cooke, says (with a childlike enthusiasm), “We’re incredibly proud of how much Custom Charts for Jira has resonated with the Atlassian Community. At the same time, we’re not especially surprised. Custom Charts fills a gap in the market that was aching to be filled, namely a custom reporting platform for people who don’t know how to code and are too busy to just down tools and do a data science course. The reason the uptake has been so sharp is because the userbase has shifted, and there are way, way more Jira users that aren’t programmers than users who are. Traditionally Atlassian vendors have only catered to that minority of programmers, whereas Old Street Solutions wants to make something that everyone can use.”

The other good thing about Custom Charts for Jira is that it doesn’t just make custom reporting easier for your average Jira business user. The developers and programmers save time as well, by no longer being called on to compile or maintain basic reports because the business users don’t know how to.

With Custom Charts, everyone can self-serve, and the developers can focus on more important things, like building software. In effect, the business users become more useful to their teams so the coders can be more useful to theirs. 

Want to chart your way to success with Jira reporting?

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