Externally Sharing your Confluence or Jira Projects

External Share Confluence Pages with External Users

When it comes to building relationships with partners, customers, and members of the teams we lead, we have to do our best in communicating and sharing information while working remotely. It’s time to get serious about building strong working relationships with people we may never see in the flesh. That’s why External Share for Jira or Confluence is often the missing piece when collaborating with a team or person outside of Jira or Confluence.

Everyone has various tools or platforms that they are using for work, and sometimes using different apps at the same time can be confusing. In issue or progress tracking, there is so much useful software that helps each team in their process. But let’s say you’re working with someone that has no experience in the platform you’re using. That person would have to adjust or take the time to be familiar with the software. This slow learning curve is a barrier to entry for Jira adoption, causing greater siloes. This is why External Share for Jira and Confluence was created. It allows project managers to easily share issues while maintaining secure limits on the amount of information they can see.

External Share Jira Issues with External Users

External Share your Projects with Jira and Confluence.

Go to the Atlassian marketplace and search “External Share”. You can add this integration to your Jira or Confluence projects. After successfully adding the app to your project you can now share each issue or page using External Share. Start your free trial of External Share for Jira and External Share for Confluence right now, or check the blog to learn more about the options for Externally Sharing Jira.

Share Jira Bug with External Team

Why do you need External Share for Jira or Confluence?

Jira already has a feature where you can get a shareable link and send the link the issue to anyone, so why do you need External Share? Well, that link can only be opened by someone who has an Atlassian account. An External Share link, however, allows anyone with the link to view the details of an issue without forcing them to take the time to create an account. Let’s dive into more information about why you should get External Share.

Share Jira Issues by Email or by Using Unique Links.

In Jira software, there’s a tab for External share. In this tab, you can easily select different actions. If you want to get a link for your issue, just click the clipboard icon. If you’re going to send the issue through an email, then click the email icon. You can also edit details of the issue by clicking the edit button.

External Share for Jira Links

In Confluence, you can click the External Share icon for the links of your pages or reports.

External Share for Confluence

Limit Access to Jira Issues

In the edit view, you can set different restrictions. You can allow a user to see the attachments of the issue, add comments, even limit access to that issue etc. All of these options are very useful when scaling your project. Any unnecessary access to a data-sensitive issue can cause problems, especially if not set properly. These options allow the project manager to easily collaborate or consult with anyone outside of the team while maintaining security.

Extermal Share Confluence Page Link

In the External Share view, the user can add attachments or add comments as long as it was allowed by the team or project manager. The main issue will show any updates made by the person that has access to the unique link. Also, the person assigned to that issue will immediately get a notification.

External Users Upload Attachments to Jira and Confluence

Security Options to Share Jira and Confluence Securely

Securely Share Confluence Security.png

If there are data-sensitive issues in your project, then it is crucial to restrict that properly. You can do this in the edit view of the External Share tab in Jira. While in Confluence, you have to click the icon. In the options, you can set an expiration date to the link and even a password. As your project scales, you have to be very sensitive about data, and this feature enables your team to have a secure way of sharing information or Confluence reports.

Security Options Jira Security

If you want to know more about External Share please check out the following:

Key Takeaway

A lot of teams are facing different challenges on how to cooperate more while working from home. Still, sometimes these challenges compel us to be creative and present an opportunity to learn. External Share for Jira and Confluence allows us to easily share our issues and reports while maintaining security. It allows us to easily collaborate with other teams without struggling to find ways to secure our data. It allows us to spontaneously collaborate without allowing external users access to our entire project.

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