External Share for Jira & Confluence

Would you like to share Jira tickets with your clients, with your consultants, your partners or any other users that don’t have full access to your Jira instance?​

Directly share Jira issues by e-mail from within Jira. Customize your email subject and body message before sending to one or multiple users.

Would you like to Share Confluence pages with external users?

Be Secure. Don’t Share with Everyone!

Password protect the links to your Jira issues and Confluence Pages.
Put a time limit so links automatically expire.

Manage link sharing so you can see what Jira issues or Confluence pages have been shared by your users, and copy, delete, turn off, or resend as needed.

Granular permissions mean you can share Jira Issues, and choose whether or not to share their sub-tasks.

View, Comment & Add Attachments to Pages & Tickets

Anyone with a shared link can now view, comment on and add attachments to Jira tickets or Confluence Pages.

Issues can be viewed in two available templates, a rich view, and a printable view.
The printable view is a convenient way to print the entire issue in a table format. So whether you’re sharing Jira Issues or Confluence Pages, keep the conversation going with External Users.


Share Jira Issues or Confluence Pages
Externally and Securely with Anyone

Jira App

Confluence App

External share

External Share for Confluence to Collaborate with External Users

For those looking to Share Confluence Pages with External Share for Confluence lets you share links to your Confluence Pages, and Subpages with External users, be that with Contractors, Clients, or Internal departments that don’t yet have Confluence.

Share secure links to your confluence, enabling external users to view comments, or add their own, upload and download attachments, or share diagrams.

Externally Sharing draw.io diagrams in Confluence and Beyond

Collaborating Beyond Confluence and Communicating Beyond Words Image editing, diagramming, and charting in Confluence make for good visualization; an integral part of communication. Tools such as draw.io mean it’s never been simpler for everyone to make the big picture tangible.

Bastian Schmitt from Seibert Media and Jamale Harris from Old Street joined forces to share best practices around making your Confluence a central hub for creating and sharing beautiful diagrams with whomever they need. Learn some new possibilities for Confluence sharing and collaboration. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about how to make certain diagrams, and how to share them with the right people securely.

External Share for Jira screen share demo

External Share gives you the ability to securely share live content from Jira tickets or Confluence pages with anyone. An external user is anyone who does not have direct access to your Jira or Confluence instances. External users don’t have to be outside of your company. They could be in the finance, sales, or support team, or work in a foreign branch and just not have access to the particular Jira or Confluence instance you’re using.


Andrew Dang, Trisura

“We adopted Confluence, as its document editing and collaboration capabilities were vital to our massive digital transformation efforts to streamline our digital project and portfolio processes. One such project was modernizing our old process of maintaining countless Word documents on a shared network drive for business requirements, moving this repository to a cloud-based document management system.

However, we needed to share these documents to other employees without a Confluence license. External Share for Confluence integrated well with our workflow., and sure enough (with some extra assistance from Tom Harris and his team), the solution satisfied our immediate need and we upgraded from the light version.
Now, all employees can read documents, and we have a solution that allows us to present our content to external users in a very seamless manner. Further, we no longer have to worry about document version management, as all versions are now housed and stored within Confluence. 
Our favorite feature of External Share for Confluence is the seamlessness of creating and monitoring links that we’ve allowed for certain Confluence pages, and then sending this out to our required audience. The result in adopting ESC has been lowered cost (both in terms of $, for not needing more Confluence licenses and in terms of overhead, for not needing to print/save as PDF/email pages to external users) and streamlined our processes, which was our overarching goal to begin with.
Thank you, the External Share for Confluence Team!!!”

External Share for Jira – Lite

External Share for Jira

PriceClick for External Share for Jira PricingClick for External Share for Jira Pricing
Enable/disable links by Jira Project
Require expiration dates on all links
Require passwords on all links
Set default custom fields on new links
Jira Service Desk additional featires (Public & internal comments and attachments)
Priority Support
Share multiple issues from a single link
Custom branding on shared links

External Share Blogs

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We’re a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to demystifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical users.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for.

As Jira grows ever more ubiquitous, it’s increasingly necessary for larger and more diverse groups to communicate and collaborate on projects in real-time.

That’s why we made External Share for Jira and Confluence Cloud, Server, and Data Center. So you can share individual issues and pages, with whomever you want to collaborate with, without giving them full access to your Jira or Confluence

External Share for Jira and External Share for Confluence can change the way you communicate by sharing secure, password-protected, and fully customizable links to your Jira issues with anyone.

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