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Would you like to share Jira tickets with your clients, with your consultants, your partners or any other users that don't have full access to your Jira instance?

Directly share Jira issues by e-mail from within Jira. Customize your email subject and body message before sending to one or multiple users.

Would you like to Share Confluence pages with external users?

Be Secure. Don't Share with Everyone!

Password protect the links to your Jira issues and Confluence Pages.


Put a time limit so links automatically expire.

Manage link sharing so you can see what Jira issues or Confluence pages have been shared by your users, and copy, delete, turn off, or resend as needed.

Granular permissions mean you can share Jira Issues, and choose whether or not to share their sub-tasks.

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View, Comment & Add Attachments to Pages & Tickets

Anyone with a shared link can now view, comment on and add attachments to Jira tickets or Confluence Pages.

Issues can be viewed in two available templates, a rich view, and a printable view.


The printable view is a convenient way to print the entire issue in a table format.


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We're a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to demystifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical users.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for. 


Our mission is to make easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with a great UX.

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