What the End of New Server App Sales Means for Custom Charts

On February 15 2023, Atlassian is shutting down app sales for existing Atlassian Server licenses. It means that if you use Jira Server or Confluence Server, you won’t be able to buy any new apps from the Atlassian Marketplace after that date.

If you’re on Jira or Confluence Server and you’re using Custom Charts for Jira or Custom Jira Charts for Confluence, you probably have questions. If you’re on Server and looking to buy Custom Charts, you probably have questions too.

Let’s see if we can answer them all.

1. I’m an existing Custom Charts for Jira/Confluence Server customer. Will the end of new Server app sales affect me?

No, it won’t. You won’t be impacted in any way by the February 15 2023 date. We will continue to support Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence on Server licenses until the support for Server and Server apps ends as a whole on February 15 2024.

You can also renew maintenance for your Custom Charts Server license any time in 2023. However, bear in mind that your renewal will be pro-rated to match the February 15 2024 date (go to question 3 for more on this).

2. Wait. What’s going to change on February 15 2024?

This is the day Atlassian Server kicks the bucket. After this date, Atlassian and Atlassian Marketplace Partners (like us) will no longer provide security updates, bug fixes, or technical support for any issues, including critical vulnerabilities.

In other words, Old Street won’t be able to provide any support or updates for Custom Charts on Jira or Confluence Server after February 15 2024.

3. What about Custom Charts maintenance renewals in 2023?

If your Custom Charts Server license is up for maintenance renewal sometime in 2023, that’s fine, you can still renew it. However, the renewal will only go up to February 15 2024 and the price will be adjusted on a pro rata basis to reflect this. In other words, if you renew on August 15 2023, you’ll only pay for 6 months of maintenance.

4. What if I want to keep using Custom Charts on Server past February 15 2024?

Well, you can, no one’s stopping you. If you bought Custom Charts for Jira or Confluence on Server, then you bought it for life.

But, and this is a big but, we won’t be able to help you if you have a problem past February 15 2024 and we won’t be releasing any functionality or security updates after that time. As new threats and vulnerabilities pop up all the time, we highly recommend that you migrate to Data Center or Cloud in advance of the 2024 date.

5. But I want to stay on Server AND still get support. Tell me how!

You can’t literally stay on Server and still get support past February 15 2024, but you could move to Data Center and start using the Data Center version of Custom Charts. Custom Charts on Server and Data Center are the same (they share the same code, in fact), and we’ll be developing and updating Custom Charts on Data Center indefinitely. Like Server, the Data Center version of Custom Charts will be installed on your servers and hosted by you.

So, if you don’t have the resources to migrate to Cloud or you are subject to regulations that require you to host your own data, Data Center is for you!

6. I’m thinking of migrating to Cloud – should I?

We highly recommend it, yes. Contrary to what some people still say, Cloud is absolutely the most secure place to host your data, which is why Cloud is where Atlassian are focusing their efforts.

Plus, new Custom Charts features come to Cloud first (such as the impending public shared dashboards feature!), and a few features are added only to Cloud. We emphasize a few, though. The vast majority of features go to all hosting options.

7. I have Jira or Confluence Server and I want to buy Custom Charts – can I?

Only until February 15 2023. After that date, if you want to buy Custom Charts to enhance and extend your Jira dashboard or Confluence reporting, you’ll need to move to Data Center or Cloud.

If you need more time to consider a migration and want to buy Custom Charts for Server before February 15 2023, go right ahead. As mentioned earlier, we’ll continue to support you and release updates for your Custom Charts Server license until February 15 2024.

8. Can I speak to your support team about what to do?

Sure! We’re always here to answer your questions about the end of Server support, Cloud and Data Center migrations, and the like. Just give our support team a shout.

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