Elements is Old Street Partner of the Year 2023 for Incredible Integration

It’s time for Elements to take a bow! In our inaugural Partner of the Year Awards, we’re honoring them with the award for Incredible Integration.

We integrated Elements’ flagship app, Elements Connect, with our Jira reporting app, Custom Charts for Jira, with fantastic results. Elements Connect lets you bring external data into Jira custom fields, and our integration lets users visualize this data however they want, across a range of beautiful charts and graphs.

Following in the wake of the integration was a brilliant joint ITSM marketing campaign. We co-presented at a virtual Atlassian Community Event in Little Rock, Arkansas, about better reporting in Jira Service Management, and what our integration means for users. We got some great questions and engagement from attendees and the ACE Little Rock team said that our event resulted in the best turnout they had ever had. And we followed this event with mutual blogs highlighting what each other’s apps can do for our users, spotlighting how they can improve their ITSM performance with better data and better reports.

“Integrating with Elements Connect has been a great thing for our mutual customers,” says Old Street CEO Chris Cooke. “Enabling support teams to incorporate asset information into their Jira Service Management reports can really power up their ITSM. Elements have been really responsive and open to collaborating on events and content, too. The ACE Little Rock event was very well-received, and the blogs have been getting fantastic engagement. It was awesome to catch up with them again at the Appsterdam Marketplace Event, and start planning future collaborations.”

Would you like to partner with Old Street and help our mutual customers get the best out of their Atlassian platforms?

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