Business Intelligence with Jira

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The Need for Change Requests in Jira.

Our clients often need to evaluate change requests in Jira, organizing them by year and by state, as well as by department and specialist groups.

Our recommendation? The eazyBI add-on, available for Jira and Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace. It integrates with a lot of professional software, and is purpose built for such ​​business intelligence.

Using it for some things can be as simple as using a spreadsheet.

Compile fields from Jira as pivot tables and draw them as diagrams. Display the individual diagrams in dashboards.

Getting Started with eazyBI for Jira

Here is the interface for employees to ask for change requests, with a customer portal using JSD, and a linked knowledge database in Confluence.

Change requests are then shown in Jira using the process navigator.

Evaluating Change Requests

As an example, here are the dashboards for evaluating the change requests.

The second diagram from the top shows Change Requests (CRs) by Approver.
It’s easy to create a report using the field “Project” and the Jira custom field “Approver” with a simple drag-and-drop interface to chart by “issue created”, to see the total number of all existing issues, split by row.

Now let’s turn it into a “Pie” diagram.

And now we’re finished, you’re ready to add the chart to the dashboard!

Set up eazyBI so once a night, it will import the data from your Jira, it’ll then be permanently stored for use within eazyBI. This does limit its application for when you want real time reporting (as a CRM, or for Support Desks, and outages), but for more long term trends and developments, they can be continuously updated and represented with new data over time. 

Other diagrams possible are Gantt charts or even the visualization of geodata on a world map. Perform calculations in new columns, such as the number of remaining time left on a project, minus the time available until the delivery deadline.

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And thank them for writing this excellent blog.

Chris Cooke CEO Old Street Solutions

Chris founded three successful startups in Thailand: one was a Scuba Diving School/ Eco-Tourism company dedicated to saving turtles. Once he’d saved enough turtles, he moved back to the UK to pursue his dreams in software.

It was while working for the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision that Chris met Jacek. The two decided there was a gap in the market for easier-to-use Atlassian tools for Jira and Confluence users who don’t have a clue how to code (of which there are many).

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