Custom Jira Charts for Confluence

Reporting in Confluence was famously limited, till we came along

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Get teams talking, wherever they may be

Many managers and business teams spend way more time in Confluence than Jira. Some don’t use Jira at all, but still need to know how projects in Jira are progressing. With Custom Charts, Confluence users can create and share all kinds of highly visual and customizable charts in a matter of clicks. The best part is that they can do it directly in Confluence.

Share JSM support issue reporting in confluence publically for Jira Service Management reporting
ITSM reporting on Support overview charts for CSAT reports from Jira

A gargantuan step up from the Jira issues and charts macros

You can display a list of live issues as filter results with the Jira issues macro, or see some basic pie charts, 2D filter statistics, and created versus resolved issues with the Jira charts macro. And… that’s your lot. Unless you add the Custom Jira Charts for Confluence macro, that is. Then you can make whatever chart you like, customizing colors, hiding and reordering data, changing labels and descriptions, and more.

Share reports with those who don’t have access to your Jira

Our User Impersonation feature lets a Confluence user load Custom Charts onto a Confluence page using a Jira user’s account permissions. So if you have execs, customers, or other teams who can view your Confluence pages but not your Jira, User Impersonation lets them see your charts. With this feature, if you connect a Confluence knowledge base to a Jira Service Management (JSM) project, users can generate reports on Confluence pages in that knowledge base, and give customers read-only access to the data in the JSM portal.

Share public Jira reports with everyone (even external users)
dynamic jira reporting options

Dynamic filtering capabilities with Simple Search

Custom Jira Charts for Confluence ships with a separate Confluence macro called Simple Search. This enables you to dynamically filter down your chart data so that different audiences can see what they need to see quickly. Use the drag-and-drop interface to choose specific saved filters, custom fields, and system fields from your Jira instance. You can even create searches using custom Jira Query Language (JQL).

Speed up chart creation with templates

Build an inventory of reusable chart templates so that your Confluence users don’t have to start from scratch every time they add a Custom Charts macro to a page. Save them privately, make them global, or use some of the example templates that ship with Custom Charts.

Jira reporting templates

3rd party integrations

Build beautiful reports based off of custom fields from 3rd party apps, including Power Scripts for Jira, Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF), and Risk Register. And if you have these apps installed on your Jira instance, don’t worry about needing a Confluence version. Custom Jira Charts for Confluence will integrate automatically with them.

Test Management for Jira reporting X-ray and other Jira marketplace app integrations