Custom Charts Shared Dashboards Are Here!

Screenshot of Custom Charts Shared Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to share your Jira dashboards with people who aren’t licensed Jira users?

Custom Charts’ new Shared Dashboards feature allows you to share entire dashboards of your favorite charts with internal and external users on Jira Cloud. With this new feature for Custom Charts for Jira, you can display Custom Charts in the Jira Service Management (JSM) portal or internally like a wallboard.

How to use Shared Dashboards

To create a Shared Dashboard, simply create your dashboard as you normally would with Custom Charts gadgets. Once you’ve configured your charts, you can add a Custom Charts – Shared Dashboard gadget to the dashboard.

Screenshot showing how to share a dashboard with JSM portal users

Once you’ve added the gadget, you can customize the column layout and rearrange the charts, select light or dark mode, and customize where the Shared Dashboard is visible (in the JSM portal or internally in your Jira instance).

To create a dashboard that is only visible to licensed Jira users who have permission to see the Jira dashboard, you can select Only users with access to this Jira dashboard. Using this option, you can create a wallboard-like view for your team, so that the dashboard appears full-screen. It also means you can show the entire dashboard in dark mode finally!

Below is a comparison of the normal dashboard in dark mode and the new shared dashboard in full dark mode.

Shared Dashboards in the JSM Portal

We’ve had many requests for the ability to display dashboards in the Jira Service Management portal, and Shared Dashboards is the ‘ticket’! The portal can provide a list of tickets that customers are able to see, but no real insights into those tickets. Now, you can display Custom Charts to your portal customers.

Shared Dashboards in the portal are available from the Account dropdown, under My Dashboards. Customers will be able to see any dashboards that have been made available to them, based on project or organization.

Where to find Shared Dashboards in the JSM portal

To display a Shared Dashboard in the portal, simply select ‘JSM Portal Users’ and the project where the dashboard should be shown, and it will display for customers of that project.

If you want to restrict further, you can configure the Shared Dashboard to only show for a certain organization, or even for just specific customers.

The best part is that you’re not exposing any data that customers can’t already see – when a Shared Dashboard is available to a user, they will see only:

  • Issues that they are assigned to
  • Issues that they are a request participant on
  • Issues with the organization that they are a part of (if selected in the gadget)

In the following video, you can see a detailed example of how to use the Shared Dashboard gadget to share an entire reporting dashboard to your Jira Service Management Portal:

What else?

Shared Dashboards is a fast evolving feature. So here’s a preview of what else is coming. Soon you’ll be able to:

  • Display dashboards to external users with public links (optionally restricted with an access code)
  • Create exports of full dashboards (not just a single chart at a time!)
  • Send Shared Dashboards via email, Slack, or Teams
  • And more!

For more information on how to use Shared Dashboards, check out our documentation or reach out to our support team.

Morgan is a Seattle born and raised lover of rain and software, particularly software that isn’t a pain in the bum (like some Atlassian tools can be). This is why she’s a Custom Charts for Jira superfan and jumped at the chance to contribute to the solution herself. She specializes in Agile, Scaled Agile, and ITIL in the Atlassian app space, loves a cross-country road trip, and is on a mission to find the cutest coffee shop in every town she visits.