Last Chance To Get an Annual Custom Charts License at the Current Price

As so many of our customers are large enterprises, we’re in the process of upgrading Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence to become a powerful enterprise program reporting tool.

Don’t panic if you’re a small or medium-sized business. Custom Charts’ very nature as an easy drag-and-drop chart creator – not a bells-and-whistles business intelligence platform – won’t change. But if you’re a large enterprise that needs more, we’re adding features and capabilities to support you.

Most of the new features, process enhancements, and integrations that are part of this upgrade will be available very soon. They include:

  • enhanced agile reporting capabilities, including burndown and time in status reporting
  • new integrations with Structure by Tempo and Timesheets by Tempo to facilitate deeper collaborations with other teams working in different ways
  • enterprise dashboard templates so you don’t have to start from scratch when making useful, fit-for-purpose dashboards
  • essential performance improvements to handle extremely large data sets
  • dashboards you can share anywhere with public links, enhancing transparency and collaboration even further

To support the development of these enhancements, we’ll be updating Custom Charts’ pricing at the end of August.

That means it’s your last chance to purchase an annual license at the current price. (Don’t worry, small, 1-10 user instances will continue to enjoy Custom Charts free of charge.)

As we’ve always done, our profits will be reinvested to make Custom Charts the best Jira reporting tool there is – so please keep telling us what you need to get the most value out of your reporting! The vast majority of our app development is made off the back of your requests.

Go to the pricing tab on the Atlassian Marketplace to calculate the price changes based on the size of your team.

Remember, any purchase made before September will lock in the old prices. So if you want to use Custom Charts for another year at the same cost, don’t delay!

If you’d like to know more about Custom Charts, or any of the forthcoming features and integrations, please join our weekly Jira Reporting Sessions and ask away!

Chris Cooke CEO Old Street Solutions

Chris founded three successful startups in Thailand: one was a Scuba Diving School/ Eco-Tourism company dedicated to saving turtles. Once he’d saved enough turtles, he moved back to the UK to pursue his dreams in software.

It was while working for the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision that Chris met Jacek. The two decided there was a gap in the market for easier-to-use Atlassian tools for Jira and Confluence users who don’t have a clue how to code (of which there are many).

“If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not trying hard enough.”