Now You Can Display Multiple Calculations in One Custom Jira Chart

Screenshot of multiple calculations displayed in legend of Custom Charts pie chart

Lots of users have asked to be able to create charts showing things like original estimate versus remaining estimate. As always, we listened, and are excited to announce that it’s here. Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Jira Charts for Confluence now have the ability to display multiple calculations in a single chart.

How do I Chart By Calculated Fields in Jira?

Multiple calculations are available to display in the legend on pie charts, funnel charts, and one-dimensional tables. On pie and funnel charts, the chart itself will continue to display the field selected from the Calculate dropdown, i.e. the primary calculation, which is designated in the table with the chart icons next to the primary calculation headings.

Screenshot of Custom Charts funnel chart with multiple calculations displayed

Once you’ve selected your primary calculation, like you would normally, just open the Legend tab and select Add column to include even more information in the legend of your chart. Each calculation can be renamed using the pencil, and you can optionally choose to show/hide the associated % column with a click on the eyeball.

What Can I Use Calculated Jira Field Reporting for?

Here are some of our favorite use cases for this feature to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Original Estimate & Remaining Estimate & Time Spent to see some basic time tracking reporting using Jira’s out-of-the-box time tracking fields.
  2. Time Spent & Story Points for teams using story points to track estimates and logging time for actual effort.
  3. Time to Resolution & Story Points to see how your estimates compare to the amount of time that it took to complete the work.
  4. Time Until Due Date & Remaining Estimate to see if there may be any problems completing work on time based on how much estimated work is remaining.

This feature is now available to customers on Cloud, Server, and Data Center using either Custom Charts for Jira or Custom Jira Charts for Confluence.

Let us know what you think about this feature and any others that you’d like to see through our support portal.

Morgan is a Seattle born and raised lover of rain and software, particularly software that isn’t a pain in the bum (like some Atlassian tools can be). This is why she’s a Custom Charts for Jira superfan and jumped at the chance to contribute to the solution herself. She specializes in Agile, Scaled Agile, and ITIL in the Atlassian app space, loves a cross-country road trip, and is on a mission to find the cutest coffee shop in every town she visits.