Custom Charts for Jira Joins Tempo: Here’s Why

Custom Charts for Jira and its sister app, Custom Jira Charts for Confluence, have joined the Tempo suite of apps. Here’s why and what it means for our customers.

People who know me have heard me say repeatedly: “I’ll never sell, I’ve no interest in being acquired.” I fought the trend of big empires coming in and scooping up all the start-ups because I didn’t want Custom Charts, or the wonderful product, sales, and marketing teams behind it, to lose their independence. So why have I changed my mind? Well, there are lots of reasons, but one stands above all the others.


The customer.

The sort of growth we’re undergoing to develop and enhance Custom Charts is getting more and more difficult. We’re at a size now where every time we recruit and onboard someone, half the team has to drop what they’re doing for weeks. Getting Tempo’s support for recruitment, HR, procurement, and operations is going to enable our Custom Charts experts to do what they do best: support our customers and make our products more and more useful.

Tempo has been one of Atlassian’s biggest Marketplace partners for years, and their flagship app Timesheets by Tempo is 10 times bigger than Custom Charts, as is its average customer. This presents an amazing opportunity to bring Custom Charts to the attention of major enterprise customers who can benefit from easier, more accessible custom reporting across the organization.

That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about smaller companies and start-ups. Our team isn’t going anywhere, and neither is our commitment to providing the exceptional customer service that Old Street is famous for.

But with Custom Charts, we’ve built a beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use front end for data visualization and storytelling. There are areas beyond Jira data that would massively benefit from this tooling, but it would take investment from an industry leader like Tempo to make it happen.

Finally, everyone we’ve met who works for Tempo is both wicked smart and genuinely lovely. And most importantly, they share and support our ethos of putting the customer front and centre, trying new things, taking risks, and making mistakes. Because they, like us, are people. Frankly, I can’t imagine partnering with anyone else.

This all makes for a very exciting partnership, and a bright future for what will be the biggest and best custom reporting app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Chris Cooke CEO Old Street Solutions

Chris founded three successful startups in Thailand: one was a Scuba Diving School/ Eco-Tourism company dedicated to saving turtles. Once he’d saved enough turtles, he moved back to the UK to pursue his dreams in software.

It was while working for the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision that Chris met Jacek. The two decided there was a gap in the market for easier-to-use Atlassian tools for Jira and Confluence users who don’t have a clue how to code (of which there are many).

“If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not trying hard enough.”