Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Reporting

Easy-to-build charts for your Jira data.

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Create beautiful custom Jira reports and dashboards in seconds.

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Custom Jira Reporting For All

Project managers, department heads, and support technicians use Jira to manage and track issues.

Traditionally, only the developers could create custom reporting in Jira.

Until now.

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence gives everybody the power to produce their own reports and dashboards. By giving more people reporting expertise, you reduce the expense and risk of having a single ‘Jira reporting overlord’.

You also eliminate time and knowledge bottlenecks for all Jira users across your organization.

We’ve written many best-practice blogs for Tips and Tricks for Reporting on Jira in Confluence.

Or you can try out custom charts for Jira and Confluence yourself, on the Atlassian Marketplace.


“Finally a chart component that can pull queries directly from Jira. The component provides features not possible in native Confluence, so that’s a big advantage. This add-on makes it far simpler and way less awkward, and the interface is extremely well built and easy to use. I highly recommend this add-on for every Confluence instance!”

Larkin Young

“This is a big improvement to the native charts in Jira. It’s intuitive to use, and the charts are clean and easy to read. We’ve been relying on the REST API to create separate spreadsheets for reporting, and this lets us do the same thing automatically in Jira itself. The support team has also been fantastic – responsive to feedback and proactive in reaching out for suggestions.”

 Susan Ostreicher

No Code Custom Jira Reports

Simply add the Custom Charts gadget or macro to your Jira dashboard or Confluence page and you’re ready to go. Select projects, saved filters or Jira Query Language (JQL), then use the easy drag-and-drop interface to create the charts you need.

There’s no need to export data to Excel, build charts in multiple admin screens, or learn a new programming language. It takes on average 10x fewer clicks to make a pie chart with Custom Charts than with more complicated tools such as eazyBI.

Improve Jira Adoption and Collaboration

Custom Charts is designed to help business teams, beginners and other non-programmers use Jira and Confluence more freely. Teams process data better when it’s presented in a more targeted and visual format.

By making it easier for everyone to share real-time reports and updates in the platforms they’re already working in, no one has to export data to third-party systems and work in silos. As a result, you encourage mass adoption of Jira and Confluence and fuel new levels of cooperation and collaboration across your company.

Backed by an Excellent Support Team

Our support teams are committed to solving any issues quickly, while our product teams are perpetually improving and refining our apps. As an agile organization, we believe in constant delivery, continuous improvement, and (above all) listening to and collaborating with our customers and partners.

So, if you have any suggestions on how we can make Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence better, please let us know.

Custom ChartS

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Reporting Updated for 2021

Chris walks through the latest features released on Custom Jira Charts for Jira and Confluence Reports.

Jira Reporting Best Practice with Custom Charts [DEISER Day Conferences]

Tom spoke at Deiser Day to share Jira reporting best practice and why you should all be doing it. Build compelling reports for your projects in Jira with an integration with Projectracker (formerly Profields) for better project reports.

Custom Charts for Jira Makes Reporting Easy for Everyone

Reporting is hard. Excel is hard. Maintaining, building, and having to recreate charts every week is hard.

And what’s worse is that people work so hard to make reports, and most of them are never even seen.
Custom Charts for Jira makes reporting easy.

It’s a reporting tool for everyone that lets teams democratize data, and empowers individual users.
Native reporting directly where people are working, means reduced context switching and better visibility of your work.

Custom Charts for Jira Reporting

Old Street is all about making Jira reporting better, and easier for everyone.

Because data-driven decisions are the superpower behind high-performing agile teams. 

Custom Charts speeds up reporting, saving you time, and eliminating the guesswork.

So, if you’re tired of Excel and other complex reporting tools,

Make Jira reports people love to use and share

Charts and Reports for Jira and Confluence

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