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Jira dashboard for reports

Extend and enhance your Jira dashboard

No other app offers this level of custom reporting directly inside a Jira dashboard. Add the Custom Charts gadget and you’ll be able to create all kinds of different charts using a single gadget. The app comes with loads more chart types than you get with out-of-the-box Jira. Display them alongside your native gadgets or, better yet, swap out your native gadgets for Custom Charts versions.

improved jira reporting dashboard with a filtered search view
jira reporting dashboards for all teams

A dashboard for every occasion

Create Custom Charts dashboards for reporting on sprint progress, retrospectives, time in status, programs, customer satisfaction, workloads, age of issues, cumulative spend, and more.

Advanced users can build dashboards to answer questions about blockers and dependencies using Jira Query Language (JQL) and our integration with Adaptavist’s ScriptRunner.

The best user interface Anywhere

We have worked hard to make sure Custom Charts comes with a smooth, intuitive, and fun user experience. Critical and commercial reception tells us we’ve succeeded. One of our customers told us that their people actually enjoy reporting now. Custom Charts behaves more like phone apps, which don’t require training courses, than business software, which so often does.

chart by custom fields in jira
dynamic filtering of jira dashboard reporting

Dynamic filtering capabilities with Simple Search

Custom Charts for Jira ships with a separate Dashboard gadget called Simple Search. This gadget allows dashboard viewers to dynamically filter Custom Charts reports based off of specific Jira fields and JQL. Overall, this feature saves your teams time and gives them more flexibility when it comes to seeing the Jira data they need to see on reports.

Speed up chart creation with templates

Build an inventory of chart templates so that your users don’t have to build charts from scratch. Save them privately, make them global, or use some of the example templates that ship with Custom Charts as a starting point.

Jira reporting templates

3rd party custom fields

We integrate with dozens of 3rd party apps, so that you can build beautiful reports based off of all kinds of custom fields. Calculate the sum or average of any custom number field, and “Chart By” or “Group By” custom fields from Scriptrunner, Jira Workflow Toolbox, Xray Test Case Management, and many more.

report on hubspot in jira data
share jira reports with external users

Share your reports anywhere, with anyone (coming soon!)

At the moment you can share entire dashboards of your favorite Custom Charts and issue lists with external users via the Jira Service Management portal, or with internal users as a wallboard. But this is only the beginning. Soon you’ll be able to share a public link to your dashboard with any unlicensed user. All they’ll need is an access code.