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Easy-to-build charts for your Jira data. Create beautiful custom Jira reports and dashboards

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Charts and Reports for Jira and Confluence

We've written many best-practice blogs for Tips and Tricks for Reporting on Jira in Confluence


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"Finally a chart component that can pull queries directly from Jira. The component provides features not possible in native Confluence, so that's a big advantage. This add-on makes it far simpler and way less awkward, and the interface is extremely well built and easy to use. I highly recommend this add-on for every Confluence instance!"

Larkin Young

"This is a big improvement to the native charts in Jira. It's intuitive to use, and the charts are clean and easy to read. We've been relying on the REST API to create separate spreadsheets for reporting, and this lets us do the same thing automatically in Jira itself. The support team has also been fantastic - responsive to feedback and proactive in reaching out for suggestions."

 Susan Ostreicher

A consistent display makes at a glance data visualization with Jira reports easy. Want your RAG status charts to actually be red, amber, and green? Choose the colors you need for every segment of your Jira reports.


Reorder your reports however makes sense to you. Merge and hide segments with a simple click and drag interface to make the charts you need.


Whether you’re keeping on brand or supporting your colorblind teammate, everyone can now easily make great looking Jira Reports with a few simple clicks (no coding, nor training required).

Powerful Jira Dashboard Gadgets

Use saved filters, standard or advanced custom Jira Query Language (JQL), or the simple click and drag interface to make the charts you need.

Custom Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts​ and 2-Dimensional Stacked and Grouped Charts work with all the standard and custom fields in your Jira (including Status, Priority, and Assignee).

Chart by Issues, Story Points, and Time Estimated, Remaining or Spent, as well as any calculated scripted number fields.

Real-Time Jira Visualization

Get immediate updates with real-time data reporting on Jira Dashboards or Confluence Pages.

Avoid exporting data to third-party servers, and avoid another silo by letting everyone work and share real-time updates in the tools they’re already working in.

Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Reports is powerful and easy enough for everyone to want to use. Make Jira the reporting dashboard for every team.


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Once installed, the Custom Charts for Jira Macro is a Jira dashboard reporting gadget, available for all Jira users to share, view, and edit bar & pie charts based on Jira Query Language (JQL) searches.

Custom Jira Charts for Confluence adds a Confluence chart macro to your pages.

First search for your issues adding Jira Query Language (JQL) into the search bar.

Then customize the colors of your bar or pie charts and change the segment order.

We're a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to simplifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical teams.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for. 


Our mission is to make easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with a great UX.

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