Custom Charts Wins “Work Management for All App” Atlassian Partner of the Year Award

Award Badge for winning Work Management for All App

Another one in the bag! Without wanting to blow our own trumpet (okay, that’s a big fat lie), we’re super-proud to have bagged this baby: the award for the Work Management App for All at the 2021 Atlassian Partner of the Year Awards.

The app being referred to is, of course, our sought-after custom reporting tool, Custom Charts for Jira. This is the second accolade Custom Charts has won. At Team ’21, we won the Fastest Growth in Cloud award after Custom Charts grew from 17 to 2,072 instances in the space of a year.

Old Street was one of only 26 global partner recipients honored in this year’s Partner Awards, which is making all of our heads even bigger.

For those who don’t know (where have you been?), Custom Charts enables you to build better bar charts, pie charts, funnel charts, tile charts, line charts—whatever your chart desires :wink:. You can create multiple reports using a single gadget, directly on your Jira dashboard, using saved filters, drag and drop, or Jira Query Language, with options for changing colors, labels, and combinations in a few clicks.

Receiving this award is testament to our efforts to make apps that really are suitable for all. It’s in tune with Atlassian’s own goals to make Jira for all (which we looked at in detail in our 10 years of Atlassian retrospective). However, Atlassian chose to go down the “for all” route because they realized that lots of non-software teams were using Jira. Teams like marketing, HR, and operations. We, on the other hand, decided to make apps that business teams and non-programmers can use because many of us Old Streeters are those people. Plenty of us haven’t the skill or inclination to write even a single line of code, but we still want to use Jira to manage our work. And we know the pain of overly complicated interfaces because we’ve had to struggle with them ourselves. So we try to make apps that are intuitive, sensible, easy, and pleasant to use because, well, we want to use them too.

“Making apps for all, rather than just a select few data scientists who know how to code, is massively important in the post-2020 environment for two reasons,” says Old Street’s CEO, Chris Cooke. “The first is that people enjoy their work more when they have more power to do it themselves. With Custom Charts, we give all Jira users the power to make their own custom reports, rather than waiting for an expert to do it for them.”

Chris continues, “The second is that people being able to produce custom reports in the platform they’re already using for work management is essential in the age of remote working. This is because it stops those workers exporting the data outside of Jira to a platform they feel more comfortable making reports with. By helping companies keep their data inside Jira, Custom Charts improves data security and makes it easier for distributed teams to work together.”

Are you or your company aboard the Custom Charts fun train yet? If not, well, you’re missing out. Two consecutive awards now say so :slight_smile:

Try Custom Charts for Jira today, and watch your data become chART. :wink:

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