Page Reminders for Confluence

Customize Confluence page email notifications at set dates and times.


Add custom notifications for any pages from directly within Confluence.
Just click at the top of the page!

Set a custom message and schedule reminders in Confluence

Schedule reminders for whenever you need them.

Set up a custom message to send users so they know what they are being reminded about.

Send notifications to Confluence users, groups or any email addresses when the timer expires.

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We’re a team of UK & US based Atlassian Consultants dedicated to demystifying the Atlassian toolset for non-technical users.

We’ve made features for Confluence Macros, so now it is easy to send custom email notifications from Confluence pages, however you want.​

If you want to monitor changes to pages, and email internal or external users when there’s an update,

Try Page Reminders for Confluence.

Atlassian tools are growing beyond the software development teams they were initially made for. 

Our mission is to make easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with a great UX for everyone.

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