Page Reminders for Confluence

Foster collaboration and stay on top of your work

Your Simple, Lightweight, and Personal Confluence Alarm Clock

Does your legal team need reminding to review a contract? Does your development team need reminding to look at a retrospective page?

Page Reminders is a super-simple Confluence enhancement that enables you to set up customized email notifications directly within Confluence. It’s sure to make everybody’s day a little easier!

✔ Schedule reminders at whatever date and time you need them

✔ Include a custom message

✔ Send reminders to anyone (even non-Confluence users)

✔ Available on Server and Data Center

Easy to Create and Review

Simply select the Page Reminder alarm clock icon to create and view page reminders. Review and edit your existing alarms, or create a new reminder.

Save your reminders and when the reminder time is reached, your recipients will be sent an email. Nothing more to it.

Better Collaboration with Non-Conf Users

Sometimes you need input on a Confluence page from a colleague who doesn’t work day to day in Confluence.

Page Reminders makes those collaborations happen by enabling you to send reminders to any email address.

Saves Time and Makes Work Go Faster

Prompts to review something, change something, or answer a question speeds up completion of work.

It also saves users time because they don’t have to remember to remind their colleagues to do the work.

The app does it for them.

Backed by an Excellent Support Team

As an agile organization, we believe in constant delivery, continuous improvement, and (above all) listening to and collaborating with our customers and partners. 

So, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve Page Reminders for Confluence, let us know. 

Page Reminders for Confluence

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