Clearvision is Old Street Partner of the Year 2023 for Marvelous Marketing

Huge congrats to our friends at Clearvision, who’ve won the award for Marvelous Marketing in our inaugural Partner of the Year Awards.

The relationship between Old Street and Clearvision, who were recently acquired by the DevOps leader Eficode, is one that runs deep and goes back a long way. You may not know but Clearvision is where our co-founders, Chris Cooke and Jacek Dębiec, met, and where the seed for Old Street was planted. In the years since, we’ve never forgotten our Clearvision roots, establishing a partnership that continues to help Old Street, Clearvision, and all our mutual customers prosper.

The reason we have selected Clearvision as our Marvelous Marketing winner is because of their outstanding ability to communicate what better reporting and collaboration in Jira and Confluence can do for customers.

Their sales and marketing teams are always keen to understand our products’ latest developments so that they can highlight them effectively in their marketing efforts. And Clearvision’s Chief Revenue Officer Paul Renshaw even invited Chris Cooke to partake in a discussion about how best to drive the adoption of Atlassian apps like ours. (Although some of the reason may have been Paul’s desire to slap Chris in the face with a tortilla in the ensuing Atlassian-themed tortilla challenge!)

In addition, Clearvision published Chris’s article about how software development is becoming more mainstream, as the removal of financial and technological barriers allows everyone to create or work with code. This article reflects the very ethos of Old Street: putting to the power of software and data into the hands of everyone.

Chris says, “Clearvision are experts in ITSM, so they found an appreciation for Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence pretty quickly. Their enthusiasm for Old Street and our apps, and for understanding how best to position them to their customers, has made them an indispensable marketing partner. We look forward to more marketing collaborations in the years ahead.”

Which just leaves us to say thank you, Clearvision, for helping Old Street and its customers thrive. 🤩🥳😎

Would you like to partner with Old Street and help our mutual customers get the best out of their Atlassian platforms?

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