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Our namesake gadget! You and your teams will find plenty of uses for the beautiful charts you can create using our Custom Charts gadget.
See issue specifics directly on your dashboards! You can display as many or as few fields as you want, and even track things like SLAs.
With Simple Search, you can dynamically filter your connected Custom Charts and Issue Lists! Gone are the days of needing to create 10 dashboards for individual teams.
Easily monitor progress with our intuitive time-in-status calculation — keeping you in the loop effortlessly! You can see how long work sits in statuses on average by hours, weeks, or even years.
Get an idea of how your teams are performing over time through use of Issue History reporting! We support historical data reporting for all system fields.
We know your tools working together seamlessly is important to you! That's why we integrate with numerous other tools, including Assets, Timesheets, and other 3rd party apps.
Arrange your data with bars of varying lengths! These 1D charts are useful for comparing the sizes of different categories in your data, providing a clear visual comparison of the data.
These 2D charts let you stack bars within categories. They're useful for comparing values across categories and subcategories simultaneously.
These charts will let you display multiple variables within a category, by stacking bars on top of each other. They’re helpful for comparing categories & understanding the distribution of values.
Pie charts slice your data into sections. Use these charts to make it easy to compare the relative sizes of different categories at a glance.
These 1D & 2D charts help you connect data points over time or a sequence. They’re useful for visualizing trends, patterns, and fluctuations in data.
These 1D & 2D charts help you compare items easily without any extra complexity. They’re a straightforward tool for spotting patterns and understanding data at a glance.
With tile charts, you can have multiple squares representing a category or value, helping you compare and understand patterns quickly.
Funnel charts can help you see how your data decreases or progresses. They’re useful for highlighting bottlenecks and visualizing processes in a concise and engaging manner.
Use JQL directly in your Custom Charts, Issue Lists, and Simple Searches to take your gadgets to the next level.
Choose from a rainbow of colors to customize each segment exactly the way you want. Your data will shine with your personal touch!
Make your charts your own! Displaying things in the perfect order is as simple as click, drag, drop.
Rename your segments to easily convey clear meaningful information in your charts. Deliver the message you want!
Merge and magnify your insights! Combine separate segments into one to highlight overarching trends or themes in your data.
Customize your visual story effortlessly! You can easily show or hide segments with a single click, spotlighting the data that matters most.
Have a lot of custom fields in your instance? That's ok. We support all Jira custom fields (and some 3rd party fields too!)
Get the numbers that matter! We do the math for you, with calculations using counts, sums, or averages to help you track time, story points, and more.
There's no need to build the same thing twice! Share your hard work with your teammates by exporting your configurations.