Changing Permissions in External Share for Confluence Just Got Easier

Changing Permissions in External Share

A major new update to External Share for Confluence gives users more granular control over their External Share links, and makes it quicker and easier to change permissions.

Every permission can now be enabled or restricted at the global and space level. Previously, it was only possible to have global settings for link expiration and password protection, but these settings can now be configured per space. In addition, you could only enable or disable comments and attachments per page. Now you can do so for whole spaces, or even your entire Confluence instance.

The update also provides a single place to tweak the permissions for all your spaces. So you don’t have to manually go into each space and configure them one at a time.

Crucially, this means you can do two things:

  • If most of your Confluence spaces are confidential and you only want one or a few of them to be externally shared, you can disable External Share for Confluence by default and then enable it for selected spaces.
  • If very few of your Confluence spaces are confidential but the rest can be externally shared, you can enable External Share for Confluence by default and then disable it for selected spaces.
External Share Space Settings

This feature comes with the Pro version of External Share for Confluence. While it is currently only available for Jira Cloud users, we will be rolling it out to Server and Data Center instances soon.

A similar feature was released for External Share for Jira a month ago.

Interested? Find out more about Space Settings and Global Settings in our documentation. Or give it a shot yourself.

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