App Comparison: Bloompeak’s Jira Reporting App versus Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence

Welcome to part four of Battle of the Apps, a series of short articles comparing various Jira reporting apps with our own Jira reporting add-ons, Custom Charts for Jira and Custom Jira Charts for Confluence.

In this article, we tackle the Reports – Charts and Graphs for Jira Atlassian add-on.

In part one we compared native Jira reports, in part two we compared Rich Filters, and in part three we compared EazyBI.


Reports – Charts and Graphs for Jira is an add-on from Bloompeak that allows business users to create colorful bar and table charts on Jira dashboards.

Strengths of Reports – Charts and Graphs for Jira

  • Bloompeak offers a demo environment for users to play with the add-on before they trial or purchase it.
  • The add-on is simple to configure, utilizing drag-and-drop and select lists for users to tweak its settings.
  • The app comes with a wide variety of color options and the overall design of the app and reports is sleek.
  • Users can rename and adjust colors on the various chart segments.

Weaknesses of Reports – Charts and Graphs for Jira

  • The chart types are extremely limited; it ships with bar charts, stacked bar charts, and table charts only.
  • Users do not have the ability to export charts outside of Jira to a PDF, PNG, or any type of external file. This means the only way non-Jira users can view the specific reports is via screenshots of the specific gadgets.
  • Bloompeak does not provide a dynamic filtering option for charts, forcing users to create a separate gadget for each piece of Jira data they need to visually represent.
  • The reports are not able to be viewed in Confluence at all.
  • The Group By and Chart By calculation options are fairly limited. When calculating the average or sum of Jira data, users can’t pull in custom fields. They also do not have the ability to calculate the average “Time Until” a specific date or “Time Between” two specific dates.
  • The customization options in general are very limited. There’s no option to add a Chart Description or Legend, to adjust number and date formats, or set defaults for theming.
  • It has a really rubbish name.

How Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence Wins

Overall, Custom Charts for Jira and Confluence offers more reporting capabilities and customization than Reports – Charts and Graphs. While Reports – Charts and Graphs is simple to use and accessible, it does not offer a lot in terms of customization. There’s no dynamic filtering, no ability to share charts with others outside of the dashboard, and the chart types are much more limited. Custom Charts for Jira offers far more display options, data formatting, color selections, querying capabilities, and chart types.

Custom Charts also ships with two additional gadgets: Shared Dashboards and Simple Search. Shared Dashboards makes it easy for users to share Custom Charts reports as a wallboard, and even in a Jira Service Management portal. Users can also easily share chart configurations with others via our Templates feature. Simple Search is our powerful interactive search gadget that makes it possible to dynamically filter your Custom Charts gadgets to show specific Jira issue data in real time.

Feature Comparison

FeatureReports – Charts and Graphs for JiraCustom Charts for Jira
Funnel, Pie, and Line Charts:cross_mark::check_mark:
Dynamic Searching:cross_mark::check_mark:
Calculate By Custom Fields:cross_mark::check_mark:
Group Segments:cross_mark::check_mark:
List Display of Issues:cross_mark::check_mark:
Ability to Share Chart Templates:cross_mark::check_mark:

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