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Old Street Solutions make Atlassian add-ons that turn Jira and Confluence into a universal collaborative hub.

Empowering Every Jira User

The easier Jira and Confluence are to use, the more control and visibility everyone in your organization has. We take the pressure off the programmers by making intuitive apps that all Jira users can use (no training or coding required).

This eliminates a common bottleneck, saving everyone heaps of time.

Easy-to-use Atlassian Apps with Great User Experiences

We make it possible to build beautiful custom Jira and Confluence Reports in seconds. We enable you to quickly, easily, and securely share Jira issues and Confluence pages with external contractors. We streamline the creation of Confluence pages through automated generation of forms, task lists, choices, and reminders.

These apps engage and empower all Jira users — from programmers to project managers, team leaders to support staff — to create and collaborate more easily.

Swerve the Learning Curve

Other Jira reporting plugins require time, training and courage (not to mention money) to set up and learn. Our apps are designed so whatever you need is always at hand: a drop-down menu, an autocomplete field, check-boxes, a simple drag-and-drop. Basically, if you know how to use a computer, you’ll know how to use our apps.

Bringing Atlassian to the Masses

At Old Street Solutions, we’re committed to the democratization of data-driven business decisions. We believe in removing barriers to entry, flattening hierarchies, and giving more people the tools they need to get the job done.

Reducing complexity and bottlenecks for Atlassian users means everyone (including the experts) can focus on important work, and waste less time on maintainability and mundanities. Whether you’re an expert power user, or new to the tools, everyone benefits from being more useful to their teams.

Atlassian Apps by Old Street Solutions

External Share for Confluence

External Share allows secure sharing of Confluence pages with no additional licenses! Share links with external users, allowing them to follow updates, view diagrams, add comments, attachments, and preview Microsoft Office attachments to get a live view.

Customizable, links to your pages

Share issue attachments and comments

Optional sharing of child pages

Set link expiration date and times

External Share for Confluence

Custom Charts
for Jira Reporting

Custom Charts for Jira is a simple, powerful tool to create customizable pie charts, bar charts, line charts & more on Jira Dashboards. Customize the look and feel of your charts to create consistent, branded and reliable reports.

Pie charts, line charts, bar charts, tile charts

Simple Search gadget for easy searches

Drag-and-drop interface

Count by Issues, Story Points & by Time Spent

Custom Charts for Jira Reporting

Live Input Macros

Add Live Input Macros to your Confluence pages (checkboxes, dropdown lists etc) or track user page views of your Confluence pages. Add checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists and more to your Confluence pages and make changes without editing the page.


Radio Buttons

Dropdown List Selector

Live input macros

Sketch For Confluence Image Editing

We know that not everyone can afford “nice to have” apps like Sketch during these difficult times. That is why we’ve decided to give Sketch away for FREE to anyone who wants to use it.

All images remain in Confluence (no re-upload required!)

Different sizes and colors for each tool

Image versions history

Sketch For Confluence Image Editing

Page Reminders for Confluence

Send custom email notifications at set dates and times from Confluence pages. Schedule reminders for when you need them.

Send to Confluence users, groups or any email addresses when the timer expires:

Need to remember to review a contract?

Dev team needs reminding to look at a retrospective page?

Page Reminders for Confluence

Confluence Page View Tracker

This plugin enhances the inbuilt confluence user Page View information. Once the plugin has been installed, it will include additional data to the standard Confluence tracking information, including:

Total page view statistics per user

List of users who have viewed the page

View historical data for Page and Space views

Confluence Page View Tracker

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